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  1. 3 Trends in the World of Wine: Summer 2019 Edition

    When it comes to alcoholic beverages, few products have as deep a pedigree as wine. In fact, wine has come to be more or less synonymous with the entire notion of connoisseurship. Yet the world of wine can accommodate a wide range of interest levels, including both those with vast wine collections and those who just enjoy an occasional glass at a restaurant or bar. 

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  2. One Factor in Upgrading Wine Display Versatility

    While spaces in foodservice are getting smaller, there’s an increasing demand for multi-purpose equipment that does more without taking up more space. A wine refrigeration column meets these goals.

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  3. Four Enemies of Wine (and How to Fight Them While Saving Space)

    Wine is often the most profitable aspect of any food and beverage operation, but that's not the only reason to take good care of it. It's also one of the most delicate.

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  4. Checking in on the Wine on Tap Trend

    As a customer at a restaurant or a bar, it’s a bit disappointing to find out you can’t order a glass of your favorite wine because it’s only sold by the bottle. For operators, they would love to help mitigate this disappointment. In fact, restaurants and bars would love to offer every single wine on their list by the glass: if wine is the item with the highest markup, single glasses score even higher profits.

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  5. An Interactive Look at the Wine Column Refrigerator

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  6. Why You Should Use Efficient and Eco-Friendly Refrigerant to Chill Your Wine

    Keeping wine at ideal temperatures is obviously a critical element to success for any operations featuring a wine list. That being said, there are different ways to refrigerate wine, and this requires refrigerant.

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  7. Storing More Wine in Less Space

    Square footage. It's hard to come by no matter where the operation. Even restaurants in suburban or rural locations have to deal with the challenges of doing more with less in their attempts to maximize profits.

    Bar and beverage. For many restaurants, it's hard to imagine a menu segment that brings in more revenue, and wine is an important part of this, especially as more and more Americans consume wine.

    Taking these two ideas together, the challenge then becomes, how can we offer a wider range of wines in a smaller space.

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  8. The Components of a High Quality Commercial Wine Refrigerator

    You can't judge a wine list by its cover just like you can't judge a wine refrigerator on just the glass. While making a design aesthetically pleasing is certainly important, it's not the only component of a high quality commercial wine refrigerator. Let's take a quick look at some others.

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  9. [Interactive Infographic] Get Ideal Wine Serving Temperatures from Perlick

    Much like serving beer at the right temperatures, there are similar reasons for serving wine at ideal temperatures. Ideal wine serving temperatures will affect both the bouquet and flavor profiles of wine, which will impact the customer experience.

    But what are the ideal wine serving temperatures? Let's find out in this interactive infographic.

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  10. Increase the Visibility of Your Wine List with a Small Footprint Wine Display

    When you can't build out, build up. That's the basic idea behind the new Wine Column Refrigeration from Perlick. And because these units provide maximum visibility with a small footprint wine display, they're ideal for restaurants and foodservice operations that don't have an ideal space for increasing the visibility of wines but are looking to increase wine sales.

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