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Perlick is well-known in the community as a unique place to work—a family-friendly, family-owned business with multiple generations from many local families working together—fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, even a grandmother and granddaughter.

We think the fact that current associates recruit family members says a lot about how Perlick treats its people. Many of our associates have been with us for decades, and it is those long-established relationships that make Perlick feel like a place where everyone is family.

At Perlick, we’re not just proud of our history and our products, we value the people who make it all possible.”

Laurie Bergum Navarro

Director of Employee Engagement

The Perlick values

Lead by Serving – others before self

  • We help each other get the job done.
  • We’re accountable to others and to ourselves.
  • We’re honest, humble, trustworthy, and kind.
  • We maintain high moral and ethical standards.
  • We listen to and respect our customers, partners and coworkers.

Grow by Innovation – solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations

  • We collaborate with our colleagues to problem-solve and create better results.
  • We promote, support, and develop innovative practices internally.
  • We build on our legacy of developing the most innovative products in the industry.
  • We value the research and development of new ideas.

Continuous Improvement – strive to get better every day

  • We demonstrate attention to detail in our processes and make them better.
  • We encourage personal and professional growth throughout our organization.
  • We value our product heritage and our ability to improve upon it.

Live the Legacy – maintain our positive reputations with the future in mind

  • We are good stewards of our business, communities, and environment.
  • We create long-term plans and make decisions to support a successful future.
  • We take pride in our work, company culture, and actions.


Our goal is to make Perlick a “destination company”—a first choice for people who want to work for a business that is proud to make quality products and who, in turn, take pride in their own contributions. With great people come great results.

At Perlick, you can expect us to provide the guidance, tools, and information you need to succeed in your job, as well as opportunities to learn, build new skills, and prosper along with us. Our manufacturing associates are proud union members, and we offer attractive benefits and a healthy work environment.

Our commitment to preserve and grow the company for future generations of our family is also a commitment to our associates and the community. We’re fully invested in the direction, stability, and success of Perlick and its people for the long term.

Perlick Short Stories: A Place for Family and Associate Growth

OUR Employees say



Production Assembler:
Welding & Spot Welding

“Perlick is a great place to work! Great people! I love what I do. I have the best boss. Perlick has been nothing but good to me in my 21 years. Now I am excited to see what the Perlick family has in store for Perlick and its associates.”



Senior Accountant

“I enjoy working at Perlick because there are many opportunities to cross-functionally get involved, learn something new, and drive change within the business. I find this to be invaluable to gaining experiences to further my career.”

Corrinne Walenda

Corrinne Walenda

Corporate Trainer & Brand Ambassador

“I am always proud to tell people that I work at Perlick. You can feel the difference working for a family-owned company that cares about quality of products we produce, the restaurants and bartenders that use Perlick equipment in their bars and especially our fellow Perlick associates. Personal and professional development is always encouraged and there are many opportunities for growth at all levels.”


Consistent with our Equal Employment Opportunity policy, Perlick Corporation (“Perlick”) is committed to providing a professional work environment that is free from discrimination, intimidation, harassment or offensive behavior, including based on any legally protected status identified in its Equal Employment Opportunity policy or as otherwise required by law. Perlick also prohibits any form of retaliation for having reported or opposed such behavior, or for participating in an investigation related to it.


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