While spaces in foodservice are getting smaller, there’s an increasing demand for multi-purpose equipment that does more without taking up more space. A wine refrigeration column meets these goals.

What operators expect is high storage capacity in a small footprint. The visual side, however, is no less important. When wine refrigerators are designed for displaying premium wines, they become a sales and marketing tool in their own right, also sending a clear message to the customer that you take your wine list seriously.

Wine Column Refrigeration

If versatility is one of the key words in foodservice, Perlick's Wine Column Refrigerator takes it to a higher level. It comes with a convertible shelf (strategically placed at eye level), which can be tilted into display mode to showcase your finest vintages. The feature is complemented by a variety of visibility options, such as independent lighting settings for open and closed doors, and light intensity adjustments with 20% increments.

The wine column also has high storage capacity and dual temperature zones, and with its 84-inch height, it will definitely provide a presence in the front-of-the-house. Its base, however, is just 24 inches by 24 inches.

They can store up to 99 bottles (91 in dual models), with dual temperature models recreating the environment of a cellar where you can store whites and reds together at the right temperature and humidity levels.

When it comes to storing vintage wine, however, details matter a lot. Shelves are designed for heavy-duty usage and will remain sturdy at any extension even when fully loaded, minimizing vibrations and avoiding abrasion to wine labels.

With Perlick’s wine refrigerator column you can serve each bottle at the right temperature all year round, maximizing space and creating an enticing showcase for the most profitable items on the menu.

Learn more about the features and benefits of this unit in the Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration Guide. See how it can help maximize the profitability of your wine program today.