When you can't build out, build up. That's the basic idea behind the new Wine Column Refrigeration from Perlick. And because these units provide maximum visibility with a small footprint wine display, they're ideal for restaurants and foodservice operations that don't have an ideal space for increasing the visibility of wines but are looking to increase wine sales.

With a footprint of only two feet by two feet and a height of 84 inches, Wine Column Refrigeration can hold as many as 99 bottles of wine, both red and white, while still providing optimum visibility.

The reality is, wine displays are eye candy for diners. And the more people looking at aesthetically pleasing wine displays, the greater the interest in purchasing those wines. Premium wines are like trophies, so restaurants should display them like trophies to help drive wine sales.

But fine dining restaurants aren't the only types of establishments where a refrigerated wine display can have an impact. Wine drinkers, especially the younger demographics, are finding more and more occasions to drink wine in different types of locations.

This means restaurants that were designed and built without wine displays in mind should now consider wine displays as a way to increase revenue. Of course, those very establishments are also likely hindered by space.

And that's where the new Wine Column Refrigeration can help. With dual zone capabilities for both red and white wines, a variety of display options to feature premium wines, and a small footprint capable of displaying a high volume of wine bottles, these units might be the right solution for restaurants looking to increase wine sales.

Make your wine program’s first impression a lasting impression with wine column refrigeration. To learn more about the features and benefits, read the Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration Guide.