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  1. Ice Cream Cocktails Are Not Going Away

    Do we really want to turn back the rebirth of the ice cream cocktail?

    Do we really want them to go away?

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  2. A Brief Look at the Hard Root Beer Trend

    It started last year, and the trend is continuing to grow. Hard root beer and other hard sodas are taking the country by storm. But what is hard soda, and how does its popularity translate to profitability for bar and restaurant operators?

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  3. The Best Way to Serve Ice Cream Cocktails in Your Bar

    As we mentioned in a previous entry, there's a great resurgence in ice cream cocktails in bars and restaurants across the country. In order for beverage programs to make drinks that contain ice cream blended with spirits as efficiently as possible and at the highest quality, the right equipment is required.

    Up until now, ice cream cabinets and dispensers for bars have either been makeshift units or units that don't meet important Department of Energy standards. Many of them lose energy or don't store ice cream at optimal condition for easy dispensing into ice cream cocktails. Until now.


    The Perlick Ice Cream Station contains a Drop-In Ice Cream Freezer and an Ice Cream Center that holds the freezer. These units combine to maintain proper ice cream temperature in a convenient, counter-mount unit that is both NSF-approved and meets D.O.E. standards.

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  4. Intro to Ice Cream Cocktails

    Mixing ice cream with alcohol can be a tricky endeavor. First of all, you need the right equipment behind the bar to make it happen. Second, you need the right menu strategies and recipes. Finally, you need the type of consumer interested in this unusual style of cocktail. And apparently this is happening because boozy floats and alcoholic ice cream drinks are currently trending.

    Summer is often a great time for ice cream cocktails for obvious reasons. In 2017, however, it's even more popular. Mixing ice cream with spirits is making an enormous comeback in both "new American" restaurants and prohibition-style cocktails bars from Washington, D.C. to The Westendorff.

    Let's take a look at three of the most

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