Perlick is celebrating Women’s History Month by highlighting accomplished female leaders in the food and beverage industry who have had profound influence. We are featuring Wendy Carniglia, who has had a 23-year tenure in the food service and beverage industry and is TriMark’s Regional Vice President of the National Account Division in San Diego, California.


As a business leader, Wendy is eager to contribute to her team’s success through hard work, dedication, and motivation to obtain goals together. As a collective team, TriMark has developed long-lasting relationships with well-known national premier partners such as Lazy Dogs, BJ’s, Cheesecake Factory, Live Nation, True Food Kitchen, and Joey Restaurants (just to name a few!). Wendy is responsible for overseeing the sales and service operations of the National Account Division, Facilities Department, and the Distribution side of the business located in San Diego. These divisions collaborate to orchestrate and run every aspect of a project from start to finish, including design intent, equipment bid/procurement, installation, and overseeing operations to ensure successful grand openings. TriMark is dedicated to excelling at client relations and the precise execution of operations to achieve a remarkable success rate for its clients. Let’s dive in to learn how Wendy is integral to TriMark’s remarkable success!


Q: What was your first job in the bar/restaurant industry? Server, bartender, sales?


A: My initial job within the food service industry was sales support at a local marketing firm in Orange County, California.


Q: How and when did you get started in the industry?


A: Twenty-three years ago I applied for an inside sales position in an effort to thrive within a sales operations organization working as client relations.


Q: How long have you been with TriMark?


A: Eleven years


Q: What do you enjoy most about working in the industry?


A: I enjoy working with all of my colleagues at TriMark. We have the most talented, self-driven individuals who truly care about the business and our clients. I’m honored to work beside the best of the best every day. What is most rewarding for me is working for the end users and our clients. The feeling of accomplishment when delivering a new build from concept to completion is quite amazing. There is a ton of coordination put into each development stage. The relationships built and cultivated to date are long-lasting, working with the same clients for years, who trust me with their business.


Q: Who are some of your biggest influences?


A: Jeff Helfman, who is well-respected within the industry. He taught me the value of being authentic when building relationships. Howard Cantrell, who is an incredibly intelligent leader and mentor with a knack for financial acumen. Both push me to work harder and smarter each and every day.


Q: How did you develop your leadership skills, and what do you recommend for other women in this industry?


A:I developed my leadership skills by acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses, determining my goals, and actioning how to obtain them. I asked my superiors for feedback on my leadership skills. I was fortunate to attend Trimark’s Leadership in Action Program, which provided me with tools like online learnings along with shadowing remarkable business women leaders within my organization. I continue to mentor my peers and team members. The key to developing the skills would be to communicate effectively, engage in honest, open communication and know how to delegate. Find a mentor along with online leadership management trainings. Believe in yourself and that anything you envision you can accomplish in life to become a successful and productive leader. Ask for advice and be empathetic and laugh often.


Q: How can women support other women in their organizations?


A:Celebrate accomplishments! Be kind and encourage other women to speak up and share their ideas. Mentor and sponsor other women and focus on building each other up as often as possible with words of encouragement. Look at other women for their abilities and help build their skills when asked. Be willing to stop and lend a supportive and positive hand. Providing feedback is key, as well.


Q: What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?


A: Remember that you are a key team player, stay engaged, and be respectful to others. You have a voice to be heard and a responsibility to fulfill to yourself and the team. Follow up. Execution is what’s most important. Mean what you say and give your delivery with honesty and tact.  


Q: Lastly, what is your favorite beverage to enjoy?


A: My favorite beverage to enjoy after a long hard day of work would be a very dirty martini with (3) stuffed blue cheese olives.