Square footage. It's hard to come by no matter where the operation. Even restaurants in suburban or rural locations have to deal with the challenges of doing more with less in their attempts to maximize profits.

Bar and beverage. For many restaurants, it's hard to imagine a menu segment that brings in more revenue, and wine is an important part of this, especially as more and more Americans consume wine.

Taking these two ideas together, the challenge then becomes, how can we offer a wider range of wines in a smaller space.

Get High Capacity in a Small Footprint

Perlick Wine Column Refrigerator

One of the top prohibitors to an expanded wine menu is not having the space to store it or display it, but limited square footage doesn't have to mean a limited list. Do want they do in the city. Build up!

Real estate is real estate, whether we're talking about buildings or wine storage. Expanding upward with wine storage allows operators to store more in a smaller footprint. Expanding upward with aesthetics and profit in mind allows operators to show off vintage bottles.

The new Wine Column Refrigerator from Perlick can make this happen.

In a footprint that is only two feet by two feet, the Perlick Wine Column Refrigerator expands upward to a height of 84 inches to maximize the four square feet of real estate on the bottom.

Both single and dual zone models are available for storage of reds, whites, and the ever popular rosés, putting storage capacity totals at 99 bottles for single zone models and 91 for dual zone.

Probably even more important, with the climate controlled environment the Perlick Wine Column Refrigerator creates, operators can get peace of mind that their valuable inventory is being preserved at the optimal conditions.

Customers? They get a better wine experience.

Make your wine program’s first impression a lasting impression with wine column refrigeration. To learn more about the features and benefits, read the Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration Guide.