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12/2/16 Replaces doc dated 6/20/16

RMA Guidelines
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Policy Statement:
In order to standardize RMA’s, the following rules apply to all RMA’s. Before the RMA is filled out, they must be approved by customer service manager or the VP of Sales. After approval, any CSR can create the RMA.

Requirements for RMA:

  • A picture of the full unit or if it is still packaged, the full crate/carton
  • The sales order number
  • Clear description of the reason for return
  • Complete catalog item (if it is a kit, it must be returned complete)
  • Laser paper must be in place
  • Unit must be new and unused

The following cannot be returned:

  • CM components
  • Obsolete items
  • Items purchased more than a year ago
  • Product damaged by the customer
  • Anything with laminate applied?

Restocking fee minimums: $35.00 or a percent of the cost of the item, whichever is greater

  • 20% for stock items including common cabinets
  • 20% for free standing workboards
  • 35% for Century beer towers
  • 50% for custom cabinets
  • 50% for remote refrigerated back bar cabinets
  • 50% for assembled workboards or modular bar systems
  • 50% for all beer lines

Cancellation fees will be determined on a per order basis

Common Cabinet VS. Custom Cabinet

Common cabinets:

  • Compressor location LEFT
  • All of the same doors, no mixing. (all solid black, all glass with stainless frames, etc)
  • No laminate applied
  • No customs
  • No tapping
  • Standard refrigerator temperature
  • Full length handles
  • No floor access

Custom cabinets:

  • Compressor location RIGHT
  • Any mix of doors/drawers

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