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  1. Building Community Through Self-Pour: Table Tap and Perlick Apartment Installs

    One of the keys to Perlick’s success through the years has been partnering with other innovative companies. We know that we do not exist in a vacuum,

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  2. Perlick International: Arcux Bar Zone Partnership

    In this global economy, Perlick is proud to serve customers across the United States… and the world! One of our most prestigious international partners is Arcux Bar Zone in India.

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  3. The Benefits of Cocktails on Tap in the Wake of a Pandemic: Pour My Beer

    By Tana Rulkova, Pour My Beer

    These days, because most operators are running their establishments at a decreased capacity, it is more crucial than ever to keep the cost of operations down.

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  4. Perlick on Draft: Endless Opportunities, including Kombucha

    The days of bars and restaurants only carrying one beer and basic sodas on tap are long gone. Today, you will find a plethora of craft beers and soda, wine, cold brew coffee, ciders, craft cocktails and anything else you can think of on tap.

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  5. Perlick Install Process: A Design Consultant’s Point of View

    You may expect to see Perlick equipment in use at your local bar or restaurant and in huge arenas across the United States, but we are also very experienced in servicing mid-size entertainment and hospitality venues like casinos, hotels, and smaller concert halls.

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  6. Generosity During Trying Times: Thank You Perlick Associates

    Tough times often bring out the best in people, and there is no denying we are living through arguably one of the most challenging stretches in recent history.

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  7. Badger State Pride: Perlick Pulls Up To Liberty Station

    At Perlick, we pride ourselves on the partnerships we have with our customers. We work with large venues across the nation, bar and restaurant chains, and local bars and eateries in the U.S. and worldwide.

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  8. Perlick Mobile Bars: The Bar Features You Can Now Bring into the Streets

    All across the country, restaurants and other foodservice establishments are moving operations onto the sidewalks, into parking lots, and in some cases, even into the streets.

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  9. The Benefits of a Mobile Bar in the Age of COVID

    For restaurants and bars, profitability is more critical now than it ever has been. And even though we need to stay distanced in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean we can’t still be social.

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  10. Perlick Profile: Get To Know Jackie Davis

    (Note: All photos taken before COVID-19 and Perlick’s mask policy was put in place. Perlick follows all CDC and Milwaukee guidelines for social distancing and face coverings).

    Any work anniversary is special. One year… ten years… twenty-five years. The subject of today’s Perlick Profile has passed all those milestones and is looking forward to more years with Perlick. Today we meet one of the leading ladies of the Perlick plant, Jackie Davis!

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