Perlick is proud to work with other family owned and operated businesses, including many various restaurant and bar equipment dealers like Market Source, Inc. Founded by CEO Dick Curtis, Market Source has provided Oklahoma with top quality food service supplies since 1986. 

Zena Dater is Vice President and works in Sales at Market Source. She has worked with Perlick for 30 years and has watched the industry evolve in many ways, most recently due to the pandemic. She is working on the Quail Creek Golf and Country Club project in Oklahoma City. Zena was kind enough to share some of her vast knowledge with us for our latest Perlick Q&A.

Perlick: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and Market Source, Inc.

Zena: I’ve been with Market Source 6 years, previously I worked at another local dealership for 19 years. Before that I was in operations for 20 years for multi-unit restaurants.

Perlick: How long have you worked with Perlick? What do you like most about Perlick products and service?

Zena: I have worked with Perlick for 30 years, service has always been good. Products are always built for durability while keeping a sleek look to them.  

Perlick: Please tell us about the Quail Creek Golf and Country Club project, and what it entails.


Zena: They are doing a complete remodel of the club house in stages, the bar being the first stage.

Perlick: How was Perlick involved in the project, which types of equipment?

Zena: The project features complete Perlick bar equipment.

Perlick: How have you guys been adjusting when planning projects during COVID?

Zena: We seem to be doing more through email, but we are trying to see customers as much as we can.

Perlick: How has Perlick’s equipment helped with planning projects during COVID?

Zena: The Perlick Modular Bars make it so much easier to sell. They offer ease of cleaning which was helpful even before COVID.

Perlick: Do you see applications like this one at the country club bar becoming more popular for a company like Perlick?

Zena: Yes! It might be just me, but who else out there does as good of a job as Perlick? I can’t think of anyone.

Perlick: Is there anything else you can share about sales/design trends you are seeing in general?

Zena: I believe if you show it, it is very easy to sell. At this point I have so many Perlick bars out there it is easy to take a new customer to look at one. It sells itself. I can see more homebrew shops getting into high-end bars like Perlick offers as well.

Perlick: Any final thoughts you can offer on the Perlick “experience”?

Zena: I have enjoyed working with everyone at Perlick. I had the pleasure of attending a training at the factory awhile back, and it taught me so much and put me at ease to sell more Perlick. I also love Corrinne and Amy… and my rep isn’t too bad either. (LOL)

Thanks Zena! We love working with you as well, and we look forward to having you and other partners back at our Milwaukee headquarters soon for in-person training. You can watch some of our recent virtual trainings online on our YouTube page.