All across the country, restaurants and other foodservice establishments are moving operations onto the sidewalks, into parking lots, and in some cases, even into the streets. In a previous post, we detailed the benefits of a mobile bar in the age of COVID.

But what about those features that are the most important to have? What can maximize staff productivity while optimizing operational profitability? Let’s take a look at some of the features that Perlick’s new line of mobile bars provide for operators looking to move operations around.

The Features Behind Perlick’s Signature Mobile Bars

Designed with some of the same great features included in the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station, our mobile bars are essentially profit centers on wheels. We all know more profits are poured behind the bar than are poured in the kitchen, so paying attention to the little details on our new mobile bar series was just as important. Our new models also include handwashing sinks if you are looking for that extra feature.

Speed. Efficiency. Profitability. All of the features behind our Signature Mobile Bars are designed for both those waiting in line and those looking for the bottom line. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features that are available.


With ergonomic speed rails that make large volume bottles more accessible and bringing bartenders closer to the action, the mobile bar speed rails allow bartenders to essentially insert themselves into the bar. Everything is available within arm’s length, making the Perlick Signature Mobile Bar a center for zero-step bartending. This means less wait time for customers and more drinks per hour for operators. Cha-ching.


Depending on the unit and the size, Perlick’s Mobile Bars include ice wells that ensure the proper storage of ice. These areas conveniently drain into ice melt drainage tanks. In addition, insulated bottle wells help control temperatures. For bars that spend time in the sun, these are important features.


Durability is important aspect of any bar that’s mobile and requires movement across a wide variety of surfaces. Perlick’s Mobile Bars contain stainless steel, corrosion-resistant casters with a polyurethane tread for quick and easy relocation. The overall design is tough, too. Laminate and stainless steel surfaces are engineered for durability while providing multiple color options for your creativity.


The mobile bar isn’t the only mobile component Perlick created. There’s also a range of other components that can be mixed and matched depending on your operation’s needs. Take the party anywhere, even into the streets, with mobile refrigeration, storage carts, beer dispensers, back bar units.

Learn more about Perlick’s new line of mobile bars HERE.

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