For restaurants and bars, profitability is more critical now than it ever has been. And even though we need to stay distanced in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean we can’t still be social. When you add these two factors together, it leads us the remaking of the modern bar in the age of COVID-19.

So what does that bar look like? How has it changed in 2020? Today’s bar is outside. It’s mobile. And it’s profitable.

(Picture taken pre-COVID at Market on Main in Columbia, SC, which uses Perlick bar products)

The final point is really the most important one here. When you add up all restaurant sales even before the current pandemic, the profits poured at the bar always outweighed those being cooked in the kitchen, and for operators struggling to get in front of customers, that fact is even more important now.

The phrase “get in front of customers” is really the important idea here, too. In an era when some restaurants are at reduced capacity or when dine-in isn’t even an option, the only ways to do this is to bring the food and beverage to the customer. And where are the customers? In the streets.

All across the country, we’re seeing cities large and small dedicate space in the street for the sale of food and beverage. In New York City, more than 60 miles of streets have been shut down to car traffic across all five boroughs. In smaller towns like Boulder, Colorado, tables are being set up in what were once parking spaces reserved for cars. The reality is these types of examples are commonplace, and operations are looking for ways to continue curbside and street service well into the fall.

So the big question then becomes, how can you bring the bar into the street? And the answer is simple. You bring the bar into the street.

Introducing the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station, Mobile Edition

As you know, Perlick has been at the forefront of the cocktail movement with our Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station. A groundbreaking unit that allows for maximum productivity, we realized the need to put the same features into a mobile unit, which can be of great benefit to operators looking to move their beverage production beyond the front of the house.

Perlick’s Signature Mobile Bars utilize the Tobin Ellis zero-step bartending cockpit design for efficiency, which means more drinks poured in less time resulting in greater profits and less bartender fatigue. Easily move the bar anywhere inside or outside of your venue for design and operational flexibility. Utilize one or several units to create multiple cocktail stations to ensure patrons and staff can follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. We have a full BROCHURE featuring our new mobile bars.

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