(Note: All photos taken before COVID-19 and Perlick’s mask policy was put in place. Perlick follows all CDC and Milwaukee guidelines for social distancing and face coverings).

Any work anniversary is special. One year… ten years… twenty-five years. The subject of today’s Perlick Profile has passed all those milestones and is looking forward to more years with Perlick. Today we meet one of the leading ladies of the Perlick plant, Jackie Davis!

Jackie was born and raised in Milwaukee. She has 2 children, 4 grandkids, and a great granddaughter she adores. She has moved around a bit, but says she came back to Milwaukee when she realized it is the best city for her. She LOVES playing Bingo at Potawatomi, because as she says, “I like to lose my money slow. I don’t do slots. I’m a bingo girl.” She also loves going to concerts, especially to see jazz musicians at one of Milwaukee’s many music venues.

Jackie has a fun personality, but she knows when she needs to get serious as an Assistant Supervisor in the stockroom at Perlick. Let’s learn more about Jackie!

You have been at Perlick for 27 years. What continues to motivate you every day?

Jackie: The people, the job, some of everything. I have been here a long time and plan on retiring here.

What is a typical day like at work?

Jackie: I help my workers in the stockroom pick orders, we get the orders prepared for UPS to go out for shipment to our customers. I used to work in assembly in 542, so it’s kind of a little bit of everything. The majority of my time though at Perlick, 21 years, has been in the stock room.

What skills does it take to thrive in the stockroom?

Jackie: Basically just knowing your job, doing it, and taking time and getting everything right. There is nothing more important than pulling the right parts and getting everything out for the customer. We try our best not to makes mistakes.

What would you say is your Supervisor style?

Jackie: I’m pretty laid back. I like to get along with my people. I like to keep everything smooth and everyone on the right track. Everybody has their personalities, but it’s all good. I have a good team in the stock room!

What do you like most about this job?

Jackie: I’m not a beer drinker, but I do like working here because I get a chance to go to different restaurants and I am SO proud to go there and see our products in the restaurants and in the stadiums and all of it. It is very cool to see the stuff that you make out there in your world, it’s very nice. Everywhere I go, I always look behind the bar. I know they ask me, ‘What is she looking for?’ but I look and see if our products are in our bar, and then I see if I can try to get them to buy some product too! (laugh) So that’s what I like doing.

Do you know every product Perlick makes?

Jackie: Close. Like I said, I’ve been here 27 years. When you can start reading the numbers off a part without even having the part, then you know your product, and I can do a lot of that stuff. Someone can give me a part number and I’ll go find the order and tell them what they’re looking for, and they’re like, ‘Oh that’s really crazy,’ but when you’re here 27 years, that’s the type of stuff that happens.

What would you like to say about the Perlick family?

Jackie: The Perlick family is awesome. Laurie and TJ are really really doing an awesome job. I want to give my hands up to Laurie. In her position she’s doing a great job. Hands up Laurie!

You are now part of Perlick’s Employee Engagement Committee as a Partner. Why is that important to you?

Jackie: I want to be on top of things and help figure out what we need to keep going strong. Everybody can work together, and when we get our team together it’s awesome.

As a tradition in Perlick Profiles, your final question: What is your favorite drink?

Jackie: I’m not a beer drinker. I do drink a little wine and stuff, but me, I’m a tequila girl! I like to drink the tequila. I’ll try anything, but since I’m getting a little older, I like to try the different wines, so I’m a wine girl too!

Thank you Jackie for your dedication to Perlick all these years, and for living the Perlick Values every day. We are proud to have you as one of the leading ladies in the Shop!