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  1. Can You Have Too Many Beer Taps?

    Ever walk into a bar or restaurant, glance upon the massive beer tap list covering hundreds of ales and lagers, and after an hour of studying, decide on that same Irish Stout you always order? There’s an inexact science to curating a beer menu that not only meets the demands of your customers, but maximizes the profitability of your bar. But can there be such a thing as too many beer taps in your bar?

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  2. A Brief Recap of the Craft Brewers Conference 2017 State of the Industry Address

    If you were in Washington D.C. for the annual Craft Brewers Conference, you probably left encouraged by the enthusiasm, innovation, and dedicated talent we have in the beer industry. This was certainly made evident in the Craft Brewers Conference 2017 State of the Industry Address.

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  3. Miller Park Unveiled Concessions Renovations (and they're amazing)

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    Miller Park announced this week that the renovations to their concessions area is now complete and ready to go for opening day, April 3.

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  4. What Millennials Look for in Bar and Beverage Selections

    In today’s digital age, what was “hip” a week ago is likely old news by now. Trends and tastes are changing faster than ever, and nowhere is that more prevalent than with bar and beverage selections. The group with both the influence and the buying power spearheading these changes are Millennials.

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  5. A Look Back at 100 Years of Bar and Beverage Equipment Innovations

    Over the past several weeks, we've looked back at the last century to see how far we've come in the world of bar and beverage. From the 1917 wine vintages in Europe to cocktail trends through the decades, it's been fun reminiscing about what bars were serving 100 years ago. But now we'd like to take a look at why Perlick is here and the reasons we're still in business after all these years. Let's take a look back at 100 years of bar and beverage equipment innovations.

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  6. 100 Years of Advertising in the Beer Industry

    As the entire country gathers around the television on Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll all have our rooting interests. Some will be pulling for their favorite team and others will be rooting for the host to announce, “The wings are ready!” However, a good number of us will have far more interest in the commercials than the football game itself. Ask someone about their favorite play in the Big Game or their favorite commercial and we bet they’ll recite the advertisement first!

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  7. What Were Bars Serving 100 Years Ago?

    The year 1917 began with our nation on the brink of World War I, which would eventually happen a few months later when President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany. On a different gridiron, the New Year began with Oregon beating Pennsylvania in the third annual Rose Bowl. And throughout the year and across the country, bars, saloons, and taverns were as popular as ever. But what were bars serving 100 years ago?

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  8. Are We Witnessing the End of the Irish Pub?

    Throughout the food and beverage industry, there's no denying a trend toward everything "craft." From beers and cocktails to coffee and chocolate, consumer preferences are trending toward small batch, locally made, sustainably created, and artisanal focused.

    But how is this trend affecting things that are more traditional, specifically as it relates to bar and beverage? What is happening to all the Irish pubs? Are we losing our love of all things "green"?

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  9. 5 Tips for Upgrading Your Bar or Restaurant’s Tap List

    The beer industry is always evolving. So are people’s tastes. Customers these days want options when drinking beer, and lots of them. Chalk it up to the craft beer movement. The challenge for a bar or restaurant is to decide how many of those options to provide their patrons. Just as leaving a beer out for too long will make it stale and flat, leaving a tap list unchanged will do the same to your bar.

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  10. How to Maintain Draft Beer Lines for Sour Beers

    While some brewers are hesitant to serve sour beers on tap, we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be difficult. As long as you follow a few basic guidelines and maintain your beer lines often you won’t have a problem dispensing your sour beer.

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