The Importance of Serving Beer at the Right Temperature

Beer. Suds. Ale. Stout. Nectar of the gods. The reason we know god loves us… No matter what we call it or how it's used in famous quotations, beer comes in many different styles and varieties. So if not all beers are created equal, why do bartenders often serve them that way?

With the growing craft beer industry taking up more and more of the market share, it's important for bar operators to understand the science behind beer and its variety of flavors. At the same time, it's obviously also important to consider customer preferences no matter what they might be. Let's start by looking at a two of your customers:

Macro Mike
Macro Mike just got off work. It's Friday. It takes him 10 minutes to get to the bar, and he walks in at 5:11. He wants Coors Light, and he wants it COLD. Heck, he even wants it in a frosted mug. After all, it's 95º in the shade.

Craft Craig

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