As the warmer months approach, keeping a foodservice operation cool is going to get harder and more expensive. For bars and beverage programs, this means ambient heat produced by indoor compressors for tap systems can make it even more difficult. And more costly.

If you're a bartender, the last thing you want is a compressor blowing hot air at you throughout the course of your shift. If you an operator or owner, the last thing you want is a compressor blowing all your revenue on your electricity bill.

Consider these common problems with traditional tap systems:

* In many locations, compressors need to run excessively to maintain temperature.

* Compressors can feed an energy-consuming and heat-producing cycle. When a compressor generates ambient heat load, this causes it to run even more in order to maintain desired beer temperature. Which generates more heat. Which causes the compressor to run…

* Compressors that are crowded into tight spaces near the bar are difficult to maintain, which often leads to neglect.

* In some cases, expensive water-cooling systems are required to control operating temperatures.

A Simple Solution to Ambient Heat in the Bar

ArcticPOUR from Perlick features new "split-deck" technology that allows bars to move their refrigeration deck up to 100 feet away from the Glycol Bath (or even outside) to reduce heat load. An optional flash chiller is also available, which will bring down beer temperatures an additional six degrees. These two features allow each component to be placed in its ideal operating environment for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

rraarrhhIn order to fully achieve a reduction in ambient heat load, the refrigeration deck can even be placed outside. This can remove up to 18,000 BTU/HR from the kitchen or bar space. In addition, the flash chiller can be placed inside a cooler, which isolates it from any ambient heat load that still exists.

The result? Beer can be chilled six degrees below the actual keg temperature. Foodservice operators can save on electricity bills and maintenance costs. And bartenders are happy because they can work in a cooler environment.

The customers? They're happy, too, because this new technology allows for a single tap system to serve beer at different temperatures . Each beer can be served at its ideal temperature.

Learn more about the technology that makes all of this happen. Download your free Intro to ArcticPOUR Guide.