It's been said that success comes from two things: the instinct to know what to do and the drive to do it. If it weren't for a combination of both instinct and drive, we'd never be where we are today after more than 100 years.

What do these things mean, though, as it pertains to Perlick? What are our instincts? What type of drive have the Perlick family and our employees injected into the bar and beverage industry over the decades? For starters, our instinct pushes us to be the best. But a lot of people have that. Here at Perlick, it's so much more.

Throughout the industry, we're known as people who know the industry. We keep in front of the trends. We know where the profit potential exists, even when it changes from year to year. And we're committed to helping bar owners and operators make capitalizing on those trends as easy as possible.

Just look at the last few years as an example. Perlick rolled out the innovative Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station that made craft cocktails more profitable by allowing production to be quicker and more efficient. We're in the testing stage to add ice vaults to those units, allowing operators to increase profits using a clear ice program. We recognized trends in the beer industry that made growlers more accessible.

The bottom line is Perlick is not just committed to trends, we're committed to making those trends possible. That's our instinct, and as the vintage Perlick ad says, "We Serve Them All."

The next step, of course, is our drive to make these things happen. But you have to start smaller than an underbar unit or a back bar refrigerator. The tiniest of things can make a difference. Even paper clips.

"When I first started here, I used to sit at the desk right outside the men's room," Perlick employee Jack Busack said. "Walter Perlick was making his way down the aisle, and suddenly I see him bend down. He stands up, and he's holding a paper clip. And he says, 'Son, do you know how much this costs the company?' and I said 'No, sir.' And he said, 'It only costs a few cents, but that's company money! If you see one of those, I want you to make sure you get those picked up.' And I said, 'Okay, no problem.' And that's the old German school of thrift."

The founders of Perlick instilled this German work ethic back in 1917, and those straightforward ideas have been carried through the company from decade to decade, generation to generation. And it's not just picking up a paper clip that's worth a penny or two that matters. It's the idea. The concept.

Here at Perlick, picking up that paper clip is the same thing as picking up on an important trend in our industry, and then having the discipline to bend down, grab it and put it into action on behalf of our customers. Fore more than 100years, that's what they've come to expect from us, and that's we drive to continue to deliver.

To experience the instincts and drive first hand, and to see how it can impact profitability in your business, schedule a free Bar & Beverage Assessment with your local Perlick expert.