Customers like to get to know their bartenders, but do bartenders ever get to know their bar makers? Discover our team here at Perlick as we go behind the scenes with the people who make the magic. In this Perlick Profile, we sit down with Wayne Zelinski.

Wayne started at Perlick 23 years ago. He's held several positions, and has been in his current role as a mechanical assembler for the last 18. He and his wife have been married for 29 years, have two adult daughters and are expecting their third grandson soon. He likes to hunt and fish, cites brandy and coke as his cocktail of choice and roots for all the local Milwaukee (and Green Bay!) sports teams.

We sat down with Wayne to learn a bit more.

Perlick: Wayne, why did you want to work at Perlick?

Wayne: Truthfully, I heard the money was good and that it was a great place to work with great benefits. Everything I heard was true.

Perlick: What is your favorite part of the job?

Wayne: I really like creating something when I’m soldering. I never get bored because I get to work with my hands. I’m just not an office guy. I never want to sit in an office.

Perlick Profiles WaynePerlick: Tell us about your co-workers.

Wayne: My co-workers are absolutely awesome. When I first came here, I immediately felt like part of the family. From day one I just felt at home. I actually look forward to coming to work. I have definitely made more friends here than I have outside of work.

Perlick: Why should a bar owner buy Perlick? What sets Perlick apart from the competition?

Wayne: I’ve known about Perlick products since I was a kid. My parents owned a bowling alley, and we had a Perlick system. The guy who used to come to do maintenance on the system always told me “this is the Cadillac of bar equipment.” He also used to tell me how proud he was to be able to work on the products because they were the best in the business. So growing up, I always knew Perlick was the best.

In addition to that, I truly believe our customer service is second to none. I think customer service is a top reason to buy a product.

Lastly, it’s simple. Perlick is top-of-the-line.

Perlick: Why are you proud to work here?

Wayne: I’m incredibly proud to work here. I look for Perlick everywhere I go. Anytime I’m out I look for it, and it makes me proud to see our products everywhere. It makes me just as proud now as it did when I first started.

Perlick: What do you want to tell customers or potential customers about the products and the team that makes the products?

Wayne: I want them to know that I’m a perfectionist. I work incredibly hard to make it easier for the next guy on the line. He’s a perfectionist, as well, to make it easier for the guy after him. That means customers can rely on the product because we are all working really hard to make their products the best. They can trust the products we build will help them keep their product cold, so they can please their customers with a good product and a great drink.

Perlick: Thanks, Wayne, for all you do.

Wayne and the rest of the Perlick team want to help you make the most out of your bar.

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