As we mentioned in a previous entry, there's a great resurgence in ice cream cocktails in bars and restaurants across the country. In order for beverage programs to make drinks that contain ice cream blended with spirits as efficiently as possible and at the highest quality, the right equipment is required.

Up until now, ice cream cabinets and dispensers for bars have either been makeshift units or units that don't meet important Department of Energy standards. Many of them lose energy or don't store ice cream at optimal condition for easy dispensing into ice cream cocktails. Until now.


The Perlick Ice Cream Station contains a Drop-In Ice Cream Freezer and an Ice Cream Center that holds the freezer. These units combine to maintain proper ice cream temperature in a convenient, counter-mount unit that is both NSF-approved and meets D.O.E. standards.

Underbar Equipment

Drop-In Ice Cream Freezer

Perlick Features:
• Mounts into countertop - required cut out dimenstion is 16” x 16”
• Fits in Perlick Ice Cream Center underbar module TS(D)24DC-A
• 20 gauge stainless steel top and removable hinged door lid
• 3-gallon capacity
• Includes 8” electrical cord
• Temperature range: - 20 ° to + 10 ° F
• Factory set to the optimal ice cream serving temperature of 0 ° F

Underbar equipment

Ice Cream Center

Perlick Features:
• Underbar module for refrigerated ice cream unit (8000A Ice Cream Freezer must be ordered separately)
• Stainless Steel top, front and sides
• Galvanized bottom and back
• 5” stainless steel dipper-well with removable perforated basket. Chrome-plated fine-stream faucet.
• Stainless steel legs install with rust proof thermoplastic feet

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