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  1. What You Can Expect from the Future of Bar Design

    Over the course of time, all designs change. From the clandestine days of the speakeasy to operations built to create Instagrammable cocktails, bar designs have changed, too. So if we know designs have always changed, it's safe to assume they will continue to change in the future.

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  2. A Closer Look at Innovative Designs for the Perfect Bar Experience

    An effective design is the balance of form and function. In bars and restaurants, maintaining that balance can result in an incredible experience for both employees and guests.

    Recently, Perlick sat down with restaurant development + design to discuss a number of topics related to bar equipment and design. You can view the full Q&A in rd+d’s current issue. Here are some of the highlights:

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  3. How to Reduce Food Waste with Sustainable Cocktails

    Sustainability – you hear that a lot these days. From farm-to-table menus in restaurants to the elimination of plastic straws in coffee shops, achieving sustainability and eliminating food waste is a common foodservice trend year after year. While reducing food waste makes sense back in the kitchen, what about reducing cocktail waste with sustainable cocktails?

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  4. What Bar and Beverage Operators Should Know About Gen Z

    Every few years, we seem to have a new conversation about the nuances of the next generation. Well, it's time to have that talk again here in 2018 as we examine Gen Z.

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  5. Tips for Creating a More Profitable Bar

    How do you build a more profitable bar? How can you create a bar and beverage setup that is more efficient, more appealing to customers, and easier on the staff? What do operators need to think about before they design their bars or before renovating them?

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  6. A Closer Look at 2018's Cocktail Bar Award Winners

    With so many quality bars around the country, it means a great deal to be labeled as “the best.” From the menu and cocktail quality to the atmosphere and bar teams, a lot goes into being recognized at the top of the industry. Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards have become one of the most prestigious and coveted honors a bar can attain.

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  7. How the Spanish Mastered the Gin and Tonic

    The Gin and Tonic is a cocktail we often associate with the U.K. or here at home in the United States. But if we're looking at how this barroom staple has changed over the years, and we're being objective when we do it, there's no denying the Spanish have mastered the Gin and Tonic.

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  8. A Look Back at the 2017 Bar and Beverage Trends

    As we wind down an old year and look toward a new one, we thought we'd take a few minutes to review what was a remarkable 2017 in the bar and beverage world. As more and more consumers look toward high quality beverage options, each year seems to bring a new set of opportunities and associated challenges. So let's take a look back at what some of those were in 2017.

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  9. Cocktail Bars to Follow on Instagram in 2018

    Instagram is a great place to get mixology inspiration from professionals and home experts alike, but there are a few cocktail bars we check in on often because of their beautiful imagery, creative recipes, and quality classics.

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  10. How Bar Equipment Design Reduces Stress and Injuries for Bartenders

    Bumped, bruised, scratched, and scraped. That should be the description of a prizefighter after twelve rounds, not a bartender after an eight hour shift. But bartending can be a demanding job that is both physically and mentally draining. Luckily, there are ways to reduce stress and injuries for bartenders, and one solution is through bar equipment design.

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