As we wind down an old year and look toward a new one, we thought we'd take a few minutes to review what was a remarkable 2017 in the bar and beverage world. As more and more consumers look toward high quality beverage options, each year seems to bring a new set of opportunities and associated challenges. So let's take a look back at what some of those were in 2017.


The higher demands for high quality cocktails led many operators to provide more efficient service. A big part of this was draft cocktails or cocktail dispensing. Did you happen to find a barrel-aged Manhattan or a draft Negroni this year? Our bet is you probably did.


Operators realized social media is free advertisement. In 2017, it wasn't uncommon for someone's entire Instagram feed to be filled with food and beverage imagery. As a result, bartenders and mixologists paid more attention to what their drinks looked like than they did in the past. And as we head into 2018, there is certainly a list of bars you should follow to see what we mean.


We talked about this a few months ago, but cider was definitely on the rise in 2017. There are a few reasons for this. First, cider provides enormous profit potential, even more than beer. Second, in an age of allergies, it's a naturally gluten free option for consumers who don't want wine or liquor. Finally and probably the most important, the boom in craft cider production is bringing this segment on par with craft beer in terms of quality and locality.


More than any other year, there was a run on pop-up style theme bars in 2017. From a Game of Thrones bar to a resurgence in tiki bars to bars based on video games, operators looked for ways to help people escape and have fun. Do you like piña coladas? Or getting caught in the rain?


2017 was a special year here at Perlick. We had the opportunity to look back at our 100 years in the bar and beverage industry, and we were proud at how much we've had the chance to contribute. What was wine like 100 years ago? What were bars serving? We went back in time and took a look. And we also had the chance to say hello and thank you to everyone in the industry who has been with us along the way. Thanks!

Thank you for another great year! It's been an honor being a part of the bar and beverage community for the last 100 years, and we look forward to the next 100. And we hope some of the items in our Perlick Bar & Beverage Guide has helped make things a little easier along the way.


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