Like snowflakes, no two bars are the same. From the people and the atmosphere to the design and the equipment, each bar has its own unique flavor in some way. Perlick understands the importance of that one-of-kind design, and our custom beverage towers are crafted to help make an unforgettable guest experience.

But what sort of statement does a custom tower make for your bar and why is that important as an operator? Here are three reasons why you should consider a uniquely engineered custom beverage tower.

Central to Your Theme

Beverage towers are at the heart of your venue. When considering a tower, like any customer-facing equipment, it should fit the rest of your bar or restaurant’s theme. Are you conveying a retro concept, a steampunk look, or a specific color palette? Every décor, theme, concept, and dispensing need can have beverage towers customized to fit your environment’s distinct style.

Sets the Mood

The first thing a customer likely sees when sitting down to a bar? The tower and its taps. That first impression is important, and custom towers are built to grab the customer’s attention and define your space. The right tower design can attract customers and help build the atmosphere you want to create in your bar or restaurant.

Communicates Key Messaging

One look at a beverage tower can tell a lot out that bar and beverage program. A tower with lots of taps tells customers that your bar provides them with plenty of beverage options. Whether you operate a bar with dozens of craft beers and ciders, or you’re dispensing draft cocktails, wine, or non-alcoholic options like Shine’s potions, there’s a tower with your name on it.

If you can imagine it, Perlick can build it.

Every day, we’re working with customers to make the perfect tower for their operation. Perlick designs bold, one-of-a-kind custom towers with the same engineering and artistry that goes into every Perlick product.

Want to build something memorable? Perlick can help you do it. Learn more about our custom beverage towers in The Mark of the Craftsman.

Mark of the Craftsman - Intro to Beverage Dispensing Towers CTA