There's a strong trend toward low- and non-alcoholic beverages, and it's being driven by younger generations. In fact, they've created a new moniker called the Sober Curious Movement.

Millennials, members of what is soon to be the nation's largest generational cohort, are showing that sobriety is growing in popularity. Bars and restaurants are finding that sobriety can actually be profitable now that such a large generation is the driving force behind the Sober Curious Movement.

The non-alcoholic beverage market is predicted to grow by nearly six percent over the next 10 years, so the profit potential in sober curious customers is clear. For operators considering taking advantage of this trend, here's what you need to know:

The profitability of the Sober Curious Movement

Sober bars

Sober bars are establishments that only serve non-alcoholic cocktails. They are a rising trend in urban areas. Curiously enough, they're attracting more people who want to have a fun, secure place to socialize without stigma or peer pressure to drink, rather than those who need to cut down on alcohol for health reasons, says USA Today.

Catering to the designated driver

Even in traditional drinking establishments, companies are mindful of their non-drinking customers by extending complimentary drinks and other perks to designated drivers.

Low alcohol and alcohol-free alternatives


If you haven't heard of this drink up until five or ten years ago, you're not alone. But it's growing in popularity every year. Kombucha is a fermented sweetened green or black tea drink -- an effervescent, slightly alcoholic drink, and comes in a variety of spices and flavors.


Also written as kephir, this fermented milk drink is made from kefir grains and has the appearance of a liquefied yogurt. It's become increasingly popular among wellness-conscious Millennials seeking low-alcohol alternatives.

Beers, wines, and zero proof cocktails 

Non-alcoholic beverages have been available for decades. But with demand from the sober curious crowd, their availability, variety, and quality are rising. In general, Millennials look for exciting, robust flavors in spirit free beverages that promise to enhance their social experience.

With the tremendous purchasing power of the Millennial generation, trends that these spenders take on prove to be profitable. And the profit potential in catering to sober curious customers, many believe, will prove to be no exception.

How Perlick can help you tap into the sober curious crowd

If you're a business establishment looking to expand your non-alcholic options for sober curious customers, start with storage and dispensing that can make your beverage program more profitable. Whether it's back bar refrigeration to store kombucha or draft systems for coffee or zero proof cocktails, check out our full range of beverage solutions in the latest Bar & Beverage Guide from Perlick.

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