This year's Craft Brewer's Conference was held in Denver, Colorado. The event is put on by the Brewer's Association, and every year they release a state of the industry report to highlight statistics from across the world of beer.

Certifed-Independent-Craft-Beer-SealOne of the first facts they highlight in the 2019 State of the Industry Report is that consumers are particularly interested in small, independent brewers. This was the driving force behind the Brewer's Association's recent labeling for beers produced by independent breweries.

This translates to brewing growth that is rooted in the high-end segment, though the industry as a whole is investing in a lot of different directions. And for consumers, that represents a lot of music to a lot of ears.

What about the 2019 beer statistics?

- Both volume and dollar share continued to climb in 2018

- There are more than 7 million craft drinkers

- Growth held steady at 4%

- There are more than 7,000 craft breweries in the U.S.

- 219 breweries closed in 2018, and 1,049 opened

- Permit requests mean there are at least 2,500 breweries still in planning

- Brewpubs experienced 13 percent growth in 2018, taprooms more than 40%

- Crisp flavor profiles are driving interest right now, leading the way at 47%

- Craft beer sales are at an all-time high

Great beer requires great beer systems.

Brewing beer is an art form. Designing the perfect beer system is no different. Read the Art and Science of a Perlick Beer System and learn the key components to a balanced beer system and how that translates to a more profitable bar and beverage program.

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