As the post pandemic world continues to evolve, dining and entertaining standards are evolving with consumer behavior. Consumer habits have changed, and for operators to remain competitive there are three things that most customers are looking for: safety, value, and experience. With the continued growth in popularity of social media (TikTok, Instagram, etc.) and the age of influencers, consumers now expect a high quality, unique experience when dining out, and have become more ambitious with their palette than ever before. If you are a bar owner, bartender, or a self-employed bar-pro, at some point in your career you will ask yourself a question: How to choose the best mobile bar? In this article we will reveal insight into the mobile bar and beverage dispensing industry. Let’s get started!


What is the advantage of mobile bar and beverage solutions?


Mobile bars and mobile beverage dispensing systems allow for increased flexibility and optimization of entertaining space while still providing the capability to offer a variety of beverage offerings in any setting. We at Perlick saw a need for bar and restaurant owners, as well as homeowners who enjoy entertaining, to have complete beverage dispensing solutions that are compact, easy to move, and designed with durability in mind to move effortlessly throughout venues and homes. Mobile units also provide the option to generate profits in creative and otherwise unused spaces with quick and easy set up; letting them go where the cash flows!


Which mobile unit is right for your space?


Perlick Mobile Tap: a new rising trend on the market

Perlick is excited to expand our offerings of mobile dispensing solutions with the introduction of Perlick Mobile Tap. Designed with agility in mind, Perlick Mobile Tap is a portable beverage dispensing system that can be easily transported between entertaining spaces and comes equipped with the elements needed to dispense your beverages from the unit itself. Perlick offers both a commercial and residential model, so bartenders and homeowners alike can now pour drinks for guests, wherever and whenever they need, with ease. Unlike most stationary beverage dispensing systems for the commercial or home bar, Perlick Mobile Tap can go wherever you need it to go. This means bars, restaurants, and event spaces can dispense beer and wine on a patio for cocktail hour, and then transition the unit indoors with ease for the dinner crowd. Homeowners can now dispense perfectly chilled drinks while entertaining guests in their backyards during the day and then wheel the party inside when the sun goes down.

Perlick Mobile Tap beverage dispensing units are available in four dispensing combinations. Choose from units that dispense beer and wine, nitro coffee and cold brew coffee or wine, or two varieties of either wine or beer. With the rising trend in low to no ABV cocktails and beverages, providing an accessible option to dispense nitrogen infused or cold brew coffee on tap makes Perlick Mobile Tap the perfect on the go option. Perlick’s new turnkey beverage dispensing solution makes it easy for users to get up and running (or pouring!) quickly, and the added durability in these new units make them ready to roll wherever you need them to go.

Perlick Mobile Tap units are also compatible with self-pour technology. Table Tap’s systems offer customers the ability to pour their own beverage whenever and wherever! To make a Perlick Mobile Tap self-pour ready, an RFID card reader, iPad display screen, and Table Tap’s self-pour technology simply attach to the unit. A customer can pre-load a balance onto an RFID card or sync their own credit card to the RFID card. They will then scan this card at the Perlick Mobile Tap enabling them to pour their own beverage. The iPad display screen shows the brand(s) on tap and the price per ounce. As the customer pours, the technology tracks their usage and charges by the ounce.

Since the pandemic, finding labor in the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly difficult. Increased labor costs are affecting operators’ bottom line. Restaurants and bars have found that self-pour mobile taps can take stress off already lean staffs and help them use their labor more efficiently, with less waste in products due to the systems monitoring of serving size. Self-pour mobile taps make it easy to effectively service areas away from a main bar, without the labor costs.

Perlick Beer Faucet Table Tap

Hotels are another great application for a self-pour mobile tap as the unit can be easily moved from the lobby to a rooftop or to a poolside patio. Customers can even use their hotel key card to operate the taps. Apartment complexes use self-pour technology a little differently. Instead of charging residents by the ounce, they offer them a certain number of ounces for free each day, providing a huge differentiator and benefit to customers. Table Tap’s technology helps monitor and control each resident’s consumption. Apartment residents are taking to social media to show their appreciation for their buildings’ added amenities, particularly self-pour options. Click the link below for an example of happy resident’s viral TikTok video utilizing a Perlick and TableTap self-pour unit.

Perlick and TableTap on TikTok

Perlick and Table Tap on TikTok


Mobile Bars

In the post-pandemic environment, cocktail menus are expected to be more creative than ever due to patrons wanting to elevate their experiences and push the boundaries of a traditional cocktail. Operators should consider amplifying their cocktail menus to attract consumers. Our full line of mobile bars offer all the qualities of a traditional bar, with added mobility for layout flexibility. Operators have the opportunity to utilize one or several of our units to create stations that maximize profitability while offering cocktails and assorted beverages to increase revenue and square footage.


Perlick’s Signature Series Mobile Bars designed by Tobin Ellis

Perlick’s Signature Series Mobile Bars designed by Tobin Ellis helps you take the party anywhere! Thoughtfully designed for efficiency, Perlick’s Signature Series Mobile Bars utilize the zero-step bartending cockpit designed by Tobin Ellis, ensuring that bartenders have everything they need in the comfort of their own mobile bar cockpit. The Signature Series Mobile Bars range in size from 42” to 66” and are available in multiple configurations to fit any space, anywhere! These units are equipped with an ice melt drainage tank, locking 5” stainless steel casters, lower storage area for dry goods and canned or bottled beverages, and LED bartender task lighting. The full line is NSF certified and can be safely used both indoors and out for maximizing venue space. Poolside cocktail hour? No problem. Bourbon tasting under the stars? Let’s do it. Need additional cocktail stations in a busy arena? Create some!


Perlick’s Limited Edition Tobin Ellis Signature Series Limited Edition Mobile Bar

The Tobin Ellis Signature Series Limited Edition Mobile Bar has been unveiled as the most luxurious mobile bar on the market. The limited edition mobile bar is wrapped in premium, toffee crocodile eco-friendly leather finishing, providing buyers a 5-star, upscale exterior in tune with today’s hospitality design trends, while also remaining sustainable. The leather is made of high-end ecological, renewable, recycled products that provide a leather finish that is durable and easy to maintain.

Complementing the leather finishing is a chic, off-white, vanilla sugar solid surface bar top with custom smooth, rounded edges and corners for added comfort and eye appeal. Inlaid in the vanilla sugar bar top is an eye-catching, cockpit-specific antique copper workboard. While visually appeasing to the eye, the antique copper workboard also provides enhanced functionality. The enhanced workboard is a coveted custom-fabrication element of most bar tops in the world, allowing for more tools and drinks at the ready with reduced mess and less opportunity for cross-contamination. These enhanced features ensure increased efficiency and bartender comfort for all bartenders of all styles, heights, and genders. Double-drainboards were also added to the design on the left and right side, allowing for maximum flexibility for any catering or mobile environment.

Designed for high volume applications, the bar holds up to 27 liters, 36 pieces of glassware, 40 cans or bottles of soda, 3 types of ice, and more depending on set-up. It also features ample storage for glass racks, back up cases, bus tubs, and so much more, all hidden from guest line-of-sight and eliminates the need to restock; allowing the bartender to maintain and increase productivity in a mobile setting.


Perlick Signature Series Refrigerated Drawer Cabinet

If a mobile bar isn’t versatile enough, Perlick offers a refrigerated drawer cabinet to accompany any mobile bar display. This matching two-drawer refrigerated cart features a cutting board, three glassware drain trays, and customizable exterior to match your mobile bar. Bartenders can focus on guest experience and throughput, with zero wasted motion behind the bar. All of the restock and bar prep is readily available for the bartender without missing a moment of service.

As the food and beverage industry trends ebb and flow, mobile bars and beverage solutions can roll with changes. Mobile systems allow for adaptability, and with Perlick, there are several options available to fit the needs of any size space. To increase profitability and capacity and provide added flexibility, you can take the party anywhere with Perlick’s full line of mobile solutions; transfer any indoor or outdoor space into a happy hour, event space, wine tasting, coffee shop, and more! Click here to view our full line of mobile bars and other mobile solutions. For more information, email or find a dealer in your area.