Your beverage program is all set to serve draft beer, draft cocktails, or wine on tap. You’ve got the kegs, but they are locked by a keg valve. In order to extract these beverages from the kegs, you need the “key” to that lock. That key is a keg coupler. And the right coupler can unlock your beverage program’s full potential.

Perlick’s low-profile “Lo-Boy” coupler is designed to do just that. And now, the newest version of the Lo-Boy is even better suited for any operation.

While the original standout features remain on the new Lo-Boy Low Profile Coupler, these significant upgraded features bring more benefits to bar and beverage programs, regardless of their size or space limitations.

Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why.


The Lo-Boy Coupler is uniquely constructed to tap a keg in a limited space. All the operator needs to do is push down and twist to tap it. Flexibility is even greater with 90o elbow tailpiece fittings, allowing hose routings in constricted locations. Additionally, hose routings are now 90o apart, instead of 180o, improving keg storage in a tight corner.

How low is the Lo-Boy? This low-profile coupler offers the lowest height in the industry, giving more room for moving kegs in confined spaces.


Speaking of confined spaces, the Lo-Boy keg coupler is ideal for under counter wine dispensing. The coupler makes it possible to fit standard height kegs in an under counter cabinet with an interior height of 26-9/16 inches. By dispensing wine from an under counter refrigerator using a low profile coupler, lines are easier to maintain inside the cabinet with 90o in and out ports.

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For stadiums and arenas with luxury suites, this is a game changer. Suites are often very limited with space to provide beverage dispensing options, but with less headroom, low profile couplers allow wine on tap to work effectively, adding to the value of a large venue’s luxury suite.


If you ever drink kegged wine out of equipment with brass fittings, you surely will taste metal and experience a sulfur smell. The same is true for draft cocktails. That’s because the brass interacts with these acidic beverages, ultimately ruining the taste and aroma of the wine or cocktails. Craft beer is no different, with fruit-infused beers, sours, and ciders.

Made with 304 stainless steel, a food grade stainless steel, the Lo-Boy keg coupler won’t react to the acidity of beverages, maintaining optimum flavors in whatever you may be serving.


Lo-Boy coupler provides operators peace of mind. Using the same robust rubber check valve found in standard height Perlick keg couplers for decades, the coupler prevents beverages from backflowing into the gas line. It also features a quarter-turn keg tapping action that helps avoid accidental opening or closing of the keg valve.

With both D and S system couplers available, as well as standard fittings for direct draw applications, the Lo-Boy can turn almost in space into a beverage dispensing, and profit flowing application.

From wine dispensing to back bar refrigeration, large venue operations can benefit from space-saving beverage solutions.

Speak with a Perlick expert to learn more about low-profile keg couplers and read our Guide to Large Venue Bar and Beverage Systems.