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48" Bottle Cooler

Tobin Ellis Signature Series Front Facing Refrigerated Drawers

Tobin Ellis Signature Series Front Facing Refrigerated Drawers

Ten Keg Step In Utility Cooler

Perlick’s Step-in Keg Coolers are designed especially for draft beer storage. Available in two sizes, four or 10 keg capacities, these self-contained refrigeration keg coolers are compact, require minimum space and feature “cam lock” construction for quick and easy installation.

  • Cam lock assembly for easy, fast and simple to assemble and install keg coolers.
  • All steel construction for long life durability
  • Four inch foam is used to help the beer keg coolers stay cold. The insulation’s flame spread rating is 25 or less, while it’s smoke develop rating is 450 or less.

Model Number: US10KP


  • Automatic door closers, as well as durable cam-lift chrome hinges and a chrome pull handle, are included with the kegerator equipment. A power indicator light is also featured on the flush-mounted door.
  • Cage protected lights ensure safety while loading kegs
  • 20-inch-long drain line is provided to set up an access route for the evaporator condensate to drain to prevent the growth of mold and maintains your beer keg cooler’s overall quality.
  • Compact size requires minimum space
  • Designed for draft beer keg storage
  • Flush-mounted, self-closing door with cam-lift hinges


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