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Water Pressure Regulator Parts Bag for Glass Rinsers

Water Pressure Regulator Parts Bag for Glass Rinsers

TSF Series 'Stadium' Shape Perforated Glass Rack Insert 12

TSF Series 'Stadium' Shape Perforated Glass Rack Insert 12", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48" Wide

****COMING SOON*** Storage Cabinet for Glassware with Glass Rack Shelves - 24" Wide & 24" Depth (Quick Ship)

24" glass rack storage cabinet with pitched drainboard top and pitched glass rack shelves.  Storage Cabinets serve a variety of unique bar environment needs and maximize vertical storage space for all of those items that need to be out of the way but easily accessible.  24" depth.

  • All Perlick storage cabinets are NSF-certified, so you can feel confident knowing your equipment will meet health code standards.
  • Drainboard tops and glass rack shelves are pitched to the drain so water is evacuated quickly and effectively, with the matching insert you still get a flat, level space to store your glassware.
  • 'Stadium' shaped perforated inserts, enable great air flow for efficient glassware drying, maximize glass storage, and are designed to hold up to a busy bar environment abuse.
  • Solid shelves ensures water does not drip onto lower glassware
  • Perlick's glass rack shelves are designed with precisely-located embossments to raise the rack, allowing air flow for better drying, water drainage, and reduces the likelihood of pulling water onto shoes or the floor when sliding glass racks.
  • Shelves are adjustable in 1/2 inch increments so the perfect heigt can be dialed in for any height glass rack or the bar's glassware needs.
  • Two glass rack shelves are standard and fit standard 20"" x 20"" glass racks with the option of installing a 3rd shelf to maximize storage space.

Model Number: TSF24SC-GR-STK

Additional Features:

  • All storage cabinets have a bottom shelf, an adjustable intermediate shelf, and a perforated drainboard work surface.
  • Optional Perlick Flex Mount leg relocation kit moves rear legs forward for additional space behind the equipment or moves forward legs rearward to help avoid pesky floor drains.
  • Swap out the perforated insert for a flat top insert when needs change and want to use the storage cabinet as a workspace, available on 12", 18", 24", 30".
  • Optional chemical storage pan and optional doors allow you to easily use this unit next to a glasswasher to hold bottles and keep them out of sight, available on single door units.
  • Optional field reversible door available for 12″, 16", 18″, and 24″ wide and all other models have optional two doors.
  • Optional doors come standard with a lock set. 
  • A consistent front rail and backsplash height enhance the line-up appearance.
  • Knockouts in the back and lower side of the equipment provide multiple plumbing options.

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