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Tobin Ellis Draft Cocktail Keg, 5 gallon

Tobin Ellis Draft Cocktail Keg, 5 gallon

Stout Faucet, Chrome

Stout Faucet, Chrome

Tobin Ellis Draft Cocktail System Keg, 10 gallon

  • 4-port keg pairs with the draft cocktail kit for fresh, thoroughly mixed, batched cocktails
  • Circulating pump draws from the bottom of the keg maintaining consistency from the first pour to the last while preventing unwanted agitation
  • Quick disconnects minimize labor and make it easy to change out kegs
  • NSF certified

Model Number: KC10

How it Works

  • The NSF certified circulating pump draws beverage from the bottom of the keg then through the pump via barrier tubing and returns it down a second tube back to the keg.
  • Depending on the type of beverage being dispensed, either straight CO2 or a Nitrogen/CO2 blend is used to push the beverage from the keg to the tap.
  • A programmable timer allows for intermittent mixing to precisely and automatically control the amount of circulation. Perfect for carbonated cocktails, stirred cocktails like Negronis and Manhattans, and much more.
  • An in-line fine mesh filter keeps pulp and other ingredients out of the circulating pump.

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