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3/4 HP Refrigeration Deck for ArticPour System

3/4 HP Refrigeration Deck for ArticPour System

1-1/2 HP Refrigeration Deck for ArticPour System

Perlick's ArticPour split-deck refrigeration technology features a two-component system allowing the user to place a refrigeration deck and glycol bath in separate locations, up to 100 feet apart. 

By moving the heat load of the refrigeration system to a cooler location you can save energy costs while also reducing stress on the equipment. 

Model Number: RD120

  • ArticPour glycol baths are available with 1-4 pumps
  • For 1-2 pump models, select between the option to hard wire the electrical (standard) or add a power cord (-C) 
  • Add up to 12 optional flash chillers to chill beverages 6 degrees below the keg temperature
  • Refrigeration decks available with 3/4 or 1-1/2 HP compressors
  • Optional outdoor package is available for refrigeration decks when being placed outside of the building (add -O to part number) 
  • 3/4 HP refrigeration deck is available with optional power cord (add -C to part number) 

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