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Stout Faucet, Gold

Stout Faucet, Gold


Imported "S" System Keg Coupler, Non-Rotating, Stainless Probe

Century Remote Beverage System

When dispensed properly, draft beer will generate major profits for an operator. That’s why it pays to choose a Perlick Century Beverage Dispensing System. Century has been the preferred choice of operators for over 50 years. We know more about profitable draft beer dispensing than anyone else in the industry, because we pay attention to every detail.

The Century System is designed and engineered at the factory to maximize your beverage dispensing profits. We’re so sure it will outperform any other beer system on the market that we guarantee your complete satisfaction. It’s a guarantee you can count on, backed by a 90-plus year affiliation with the brewing industry.

Model Number: Century

A custom engineered, glycol cooled beverage dispensing system including: 

- Dispensing Tower & Faucets

- Drainer

- Trunk Housing w/ 1/2" O.D. copper coolant lines

- Power Pak and associated parts

- Nitrogen Blender

- Regulator Panel with the option to include keg couplers and beer pumps

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