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Pour a Cold One Anywhere with Perlick’s New Mobile Tap

MILWAUKEE (June 28, 2022) – Perlick is excited to announce the launch of their brand new Perlick Mobile Tap beverage dispensing solution on wheels. Designed with agility in mind, this portable beverage dispensing system can be easily transported between entertaining spaces and comes equipped with the elements needed to dispense your beverages from the unit itself. Perlick will offer both a commercial and residential model, so bartenders and homeowners alike can now pour drinks for guests, wherever and whenever they need, with ease.

Unlike most stationary beverage dispensing systems for the commercial or home bar, the Mobile Tap can go wherever you need it to go. This means bars, restaurants, and event spaces can dispense beer and wine on the patio for the cocktail hour rush, and then transition the unit indoors with ease for the dinner crowd. Homeowners can now dispense perfectly chilled drinks while entertaining guests in their backyards during the day and then wheel the party inside when the sun goes down.

“We saw a need for bar and restaurant owners, as well as homeowners who enjoy entertaining, to have a complete beverage dispensing and refrigeration solution that is compact, easy to move, and designed with durability in mind to move effortlessly throughout venues and homes,” said Erin Geiger, Product Marketing Manager, Perlick.

Our new Perlick Mobile Tap beverage dispensing units are available in four dispensing combinations. Choose from units that dispense beer and wine, nitro coffee and cold brew coffee or wine, or two varieties of either wine or beer. Perlick’s new turnkey beverage dispensing solution makes it easy for users to get up and running (or pouring!) quickly, and the added durability in these new units make them ready to roll wherever you need them to go.

“Beverage dispensing encompasses so much more than just beer, which is why it was important to us that we made a product that would give bars and home entertainers options for what they want to serve. Wine and nitro coffee dispensing are taking the industry by storm, and we’re excited to provide these options in this new ultra mobile dispensing system,” Geiger said.

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