Whether you want to call it a sodium chloride infused libation, or a simple salted cocktail, the case for adding salt to your drinks is a pretty solid one. And we're not just talking about margaritas, either.

Why would you add salt to a cocktail?

Our palates can detect five flavors: sour, bitter, sweet, umami (glutamates), and...you guessed it, salt. Adding salt to a drink allows other flavors to more fully develop on the palate. And because we're talking about a very small dose of salt, salted cocktails won't actually have a salty flavor.

How should I add salt to cocktails?

While salted rims on a margarita are the way to go, that's not what we're talking about here. A few splashes of saline from a bitters bottle, a pinch of kosher salt, or a few flakes of Maldon is the answer to more fully developed cocktail flavors, but don't go adding all three at once.

A low dose is key here as the goal is not a salty flavor. The goal is to make the best tasting drink possible.

Which drinks can I add salt to?

There's really no limits when it comes to salting cocktails. Stirred, shaken, and long drinks can all benefit from the addition of salt. The main thing to remember is that salt amplifies other flavors in different ways.

For example, adding salt makes citrus and sour flavors brighter and conversely, it reduces bitter flavors.

If you need a little more salted cocktail inspiration, don't take our word for it. These bartenders are already reaping the benefits:

According to punchdrink.com, these bartenders recommend adding low doses of salt to your drinks, and you can find them on Instagram as well.

+Calvin Politi of Little Red Door in Paris (@littlereddoorparis on Instagram)
+Peder Schweigert from Minneapolis’s Marvel Bar (@marvelbar on Instagram)
+Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax (@bookeranddaxlab on Instagram)
+Naren Young of Dante in NY (@dantenewyorkcity on Instagram)

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