Perlick's range of forward sealing faucets are the most sanitary beer and wine faucets on the market. They feature a revolutionary ball and floating O-ring design that eliminates the need for a valve shaft. This leads to cleaner dispensing because the beer and wine are not exposed to air.

For customers, this means better tasting beverages without safety concerns. For operators, handle levers don't stick, and there's no build up of mold and bacteria in the body of the faucet. But which model of Perlick's forward sealing beer faucets is right for your bar or foodservice establishment? Let's take a look at the available designs:


Perlick's 630SS Forward Sealing Faucet is made with food grade 304 stainless steel. It was introduced last year with a patented forward-sealing design. With fewer parts than conventional faucets, users see improved reliability and fewer service calls when they make the switch to the 630SS. This easy-to-clean faucet saves time and money, and it fits all North American shanks.


In addition to Perlick's patented forward-sealing technology, the 650SS released earlier this year includes a built-in compensator for optimal flow control. Operators enjoy "at-the-faucet" fine-tuning to better serve hard-to-pour beers, such as those where the keg may be slightly warmer than the ideal serving temperature of the beer.

When coupled with the Perlick GT600 growler filler tube, the 650SS Forward Sealing Faucet is a cost-efficient alternative to some of the more specialized and expensive options for growler-filling equipment. The 650SS is also ideal for serving brewery sample flights. Restricting the flow of beer at the faucet rather than partially opening a standard tap allows beer to be poured slower and with less agitation and foaming.


The newest addition to Perlick's line of forward sealing faucets, the 630PC model is made with a polished chrome finish plated over an economical, low lead brass body. This faucet was created for applications that do not require food grade stainless steel such as standard beer applications. It's an economical alternative to the 630SS model, and though brass faucets plated in chrome are pretty common, Perlick is the only one to provide them with a patented, forward-sealing design.

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Download the Perlick Guide to Forward Sealing Beer Faucets, and see how your bar can benefit.

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