It's your choice. When designing your bar with maximum throughput in mind, you get to decide the features, the quality, and the configuration. These choices will ultimately determine how efficient your bar will be, how productive your staff will be, and how profitable your operation will be.


modIf your project is new construction or a complete remodel and there is no existing bar, a modular bar is a great factory assembled solution that can save both time and money. Look for a modular bar that is made with a heavy gauge frame that also provides easy access to service utilities and beverage lines. Good modular bar systems like Perlick's can fit straight, round, or curved applications in a way that every piece of the puzzle will fit.



preassWhen a bar already exists or is being built by others, preassembled underbar modules might be the right solution. With Perlick preassembled underbar equipment, modules can be organized in straight sections up to 8 ½ feet long. Straight sections eliminate field connections and save time, and preassembled sections that share a common front apron will also share a common backsplash. This gives your bar a smooth, custom appearance.



freeFreestanding underbar modules give you complete control to make last minute design changes or to respond to unforeseen obstacles on a jobsite. Freestanding underbar units from Perlick are built and shipped as individual pieces with their own backsplashes and front aprons. Each module ships with a complete set of legs.


Underbar Solutions: From Standard to Custom

Whichever option you choose, whether it's preassembled or even custom underbar fabrication, innovative features and unique ergonomic refinements will enhance your bar and beverage operations. With underbar equipment from Perlick, you'll get units that have been recognized for eight consecutive years as Best-in-Class.

Learn more about underbar equipment by reading the Perlick Guide to the Underbar.