At Perlick, we’re all about bar and beverage innovation. We’ve been that way for 100 years. And now, the latest bar equipment design can be found directly in front of bartenders. The improved Perlick speed rail and lock cover design is the solution to lingering problems for bartenders and bar operators alike.

Productivity can be hampered if the bar is not designed with a bartender in mind. A speed rail is one such piece of bar equipment that can provide a number of benefits if designed for efficiency. Let’s explore how the new improved Speed Rail and Locking Cover are improving functionality in the bar, one drink at a time.


Accessing liquor bottles should never feel like an obstacle course for bartenders. Both single and dual speed rails need to provide easy access for the most frequently used bottles, while keeping bartenders able to work fast and efficiently. With a range of sizes and models, operators can maximize their liquor storage areas and solve space conflicts.

When it came to our new speed rail design, we listened to bartenders. One challenge they commonly faced was bottles tipping over while sitting in their old speed rails. To answer this problem, we increased the front panel height by nearly 3 inches to improve bottle retention. And bars don’t need more noise. That’s why the addition of a plastic extrusion on the bottom support provides sound deadening.

Efficiency was another pain point that needed to be addressed. By lowering the bottle height with the speed rails, clearance in front of the ice bin is improved. No more clunking into bottles while reaching for ice, as bartenders’ freedom of movement can be expanded.

Want to learn more about the speed rail options for your bar? Download the Spec Sheet below.

Perlick Speed Rail


One overlooked vulnerability in bars is the security of liquor bottles. In some cases, they account for more than half of your bar’s profit potential. So what happens when even a few of them are stolen after hours? Think of a hotel lobby bar. There’s an abundant amount of foot traffic next to the bar even when the bar is closed. People and even children could easily access liquor bottles that aren’t secure. Your customers’ safety is also something to be mindful of, and liquor bottles that are not secure could be vulnerable to tampering.

A locking cover for a Perlick speed rail is a no-brainer for operations accessible to the general public when your bar is not in service, like a hotel bar. Nearly every foodservice operation locks up their inventory, so why shouldn’t liquor be protected in the same way?

The new locking cover design is offered in a range of size options, and because lock covers are ideal for any size operation, they can be conveniently store when not in use. Bar security is a high priority for every operator, and this new design will give operators peace of mind in their bars.

A "Best in Class" underbar starts with a "Best in Class" design. Download the Perlick Underbar Design Guide to discover the preferred bar equipment choice of professional bartenders.

Perlick Speed Rail