Do you ever wonder where your food and beverage equipment is made? Have you ever seen state-of-the-art manufacturing in action? Would you like to see first hand what sets one beer system apart from another?

Take a few minutes minutes, and join us on a short but comprehensive guided tour of the Perlick facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We'll show you aerial drone footage taken inside our factory as we explore beer system manufacturing and trunk housing, some of the most elegant beer towers in the industry, and the birthplace of the authentic Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station.

What sets Perlick apart?

  • - We've been in business for more than 100 years.
  • - We test 100 percent of all final assembly to ensure quality, the first time.
  • - We adopted the best laser and automated punching capabilities.
  • - We reduce waste and are committed to sustainability.
  • - We assemble all trunk lines in-house to ensure quality.
  • - We create fluid assembly lines to meet customer's bar needs and expectation.

Thank you for taking some time to visit our factory. We recognize how important you are to our last 100 years, and we look forward to working with you over the next 100.

To explore some of the items in this video, please check out our Perlick Bar & Beverage Guide for a closer look.


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