Somewhere in your bar you might have a glass rinser. If you don't have one, maybe you've considered one. They're becoming more and more popular as customers continue to demand high-quality beers served right. In fact, some bars are even encountering health code violations when they retrofit their existing bars to include beer glass rinsers.

But why do we have beer glass rinsers in the first place? What are they for? Why are more and more people using them?

Rinsing a beer glass right before use isn't necessarily a way to clean the glass, though that final rinse does serve to wash away any remaining dish soap. When rinsing a glass with cold water, it will also cool the glass down. In reality, though, there is another more important benefit – reducing friction in the glass.

As we know, the right amount of foam is a good thing. It opens up the aromas of the beer and focuses some of the flavor profiles as a result. With a thin layer of water in the glass, the beer encounters less resistance, which results in a cleaner and more even pour. This means your beer will attain just the right amount of head to maximize its aroma and flavor.

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