Eat. Drink. Shine. That's the way life is in Boulder, Colorado, where one of the most established groups in the local food and beverage industry has developed their latest legacy... potions.

What is a potion?

Shine Restaurant and Potion BarIt's an enchanted, non-alcoholic beverage option that's purpose is to help guests add a bit of playfulness to their lives with a harmonious blend of "nourishing adaptogenic herbs, vibrational essences, sound-frequencies and more."

If it sounds a bit metaphysical, that's because it is. Each potion variety is designed using a range of ingredients to bring out the most important ingredient of all: their guests. And the wildly successful and iconic Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar does that in more ways than one.

Just a quick glance at their potion menu leads the imagination to a place somewhere between a Harry Potter book and a yoga retreat. Options include Firewater, made with a "volcanic combination of ginger root, red chile, pomegranate, hibiscus, lemon & honey." Despite being N/A, its flavor profile resembles a deep, rich whiskey drink similar to a Manhattan or a cayenne-infused Old Fashioned.

Other items are the Reset Button made with sassafrass bark and burdock root, the Owl Eyes with a mate ginger profile, Fairy Bubbles with a pomegranate profile, and Three Laughing Monks with spiced black cherry.

With this many interesting ingredients that are intended to make it into the glass, the problem becomes how to get them there.

Perlick Helps Put Potions On Tap for the First Time Ever

"Our Shine potions contain fresh herbs that are not strained out during the cooking process," said Jennifer Emich, one of the triplets that owns Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar. The Emich sisters have opened and operated several establishments in Boulder, but the local consensus is their potion bar is their best offering yet.

Eat Drink Shine"We needed to find a tap system that would agitate the herbs in the keg so we can pour the same consistency potion every time. Since that did not exist, we had a friend recommend we talk with Perlick."

The Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System works for more than just cocktails. It can be configured to agitate just about any beverage recipe where settling occurs, ensuring an operation is consistent with each and every glass -- including potions.

"It was quite a process with Perlick, and they were up to the challenge," Emich said. "We started by sending samples of our potions to them. Their engineers designed a system that agitates the product in custom kegs and keeps our potions flowing!"

As a result, Shine's potions are the first example -- anywhere in the world -- of potions being available on tap.

"We used to hold our potions in Ball jars behind the bar, which was taking up way too much room. The Perlick custom system was definitely an investment, but well worth it. We absolutely love it."

And customers do, too. After all, everything that goes into Shine potions is a reflection of the most important ingredient of all -- their guests.

"The Magic's In You," they say.

Learn more about the power of the Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System. Check out the introductory guide.

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