Lucky weekend beachgoers on Waiheke Island, New Zealand have more to look forward to than just the sun and surf. Thanks to Outspoken Coffee, fresh cold brew and nitro cold brew is delivered to sun bathers, swimmers and surfers fresh from the tap on a tricycle powered coffee cart.

Let's take a look at how Outspoken Coffee got its start.


John Waltmann, raised in Minnesota, was on a mission to find the best damn cup of coffee available. And in that pursuit, decided he'd be the one to provide it, instead.

Waiheke Island, about a 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland, seemed the perfect venue, as cold brew coffee is still an emerging trend in New Zealand. John knew he wanted to be unique, and soon brought his vision to life. He custom built his nitro cold brew coffee draught system into a tricycle. The system is self-sustained and uses no electrical hookups.

Hear from John himself how it all came together:

"When sourcing all the parts I needed, I have acquired things from I think 4 different countries!? Including Denmark, USA, Australia and New Zealand...This includes the Perlick 630SS Forward Sealing Faucet, which I chose for my cold brew pours.

Perlick cold brew faucetThe forward sealing faucet doesn’t just look great, it was important to have to keep any unwanted exposure to air from getting into the faucet. It is also important, when dealing with cold brew coffee, to source all stainless steel products. This will ensure the flavour of your coffee won’t be tainted over time. Stay away from anything chrome plated for items in which your liquid will touch."

John also says his Perlick faucets offer a "stylish design and effective pour every time."


Outspoken Coffee serves Kokako Coffee, roasted in Mt. Eden, Auckland. The coffee meets stringent Fair Trade and Biogro NZ (organic certification requirements in New Zealand) standards.

The coffee is served in compostable cups made by Innocent Packaging.


While you'll only get to experience the trike in person on Waiheke Island, you can still follow the trike on Instagram where you'll find plenty of sun, perfectly poured cold brew, and passion.

Perlick 630SS for cold brew coffee

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Perlick Forward Sealing Faucet