Flavor and aroma will make or break the reputation of any wine. But we’d be remiss not to include visual appeal in a list of factors that can impact a guests’ purchasing decision. There are two pillars to a profitable wine program: storage and display. The latter should not be overlooked, as the visual impact of a wine display is quite often the first impression for dining guests. And when a restaurant or bar wants to showcase premium wines, the equipment makes all the difference.

According to an article by restaurant development + design magazine, wine displays “have become part of the [restaurant’s] interior architecture, adding a quality component to the culinary experience.” A successful wine display should be front and center in a restaurant, as it serves as “eye candy” for guests.

Wine column refrigeration from Perlick allows operators the ability to put their finest premium wines on display. How? With a convertible display shelf designed specifically for showcasing premium wines in their best light. The versatile built-in display shelf tips the wines up, making it easier for guests to read the labels and make their selection.

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wine display shelfThis high capacity wine column refrigeration can store as many as 99 bottles of wine in one unit. The convertible display shelf is large enough to hold six full size bottles in front with space for four dessert wine bottles in the back. When laid flat, each shelf can store 11 wine bottles. Because of this unit’s innovative temperature zones, operators can place the display shelf in either climate controlled setting in dual zone models, providing optimal preservation for vintage reds and whites alike.

Perlick's wine column refrigeration shelves are designed to protect those vintages and their labels through smooth movement in and out of the cabinet. Dipped in black vinyl, these shelves provide vibration protection and eliminate abrasion, ensuring the wines on display are always in peak condition.

With plenty of space to create an impressive offering of fine vintages, wine column refrigeration is an essential element for any wine program.

Make your wine program’s first impression a lasting impression with wine column refrigeration. To learn more about the features and benefits, read the Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration Guide.