Pumpkin beer comes in many forms, and as we near the Thanksgiving holiday, the varieties of pumpkin beer get better and better. From cinnamon and sugar rims to pumpkin spice stouts served with dessert, you know what to serve WITH your beer, but are you serving it the right way?

Let's take a look at a few important factors to consider when serving pumpkin beer.


Pumpkin beers come in all styles, from Funky Pumpkin spiced sour ale by Boulevard Brewing Co. to GABF silver award-winner Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. And as you know, different beer styles require different temperatures at the tap. When beers are served slightly warmer, they tend to have more pronounced aromas and flavors, which are ideal when serving pumpkin or late harvest beers.

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Drinking temperature should fall within the range of 34-55° F depending upon beer style. A macro lager tastes best when served as cold as 34° F and craft stouts fall on the opposite end of the spectrum and should be served closer to 55° F. When we consider the complexity of various craft beer styles with recipes that offer the best flavor and aroma at warmer temperatures, most craft beers fall within the range of 41-55° F serving temperatures.

In addition to serving temperature, the temperature of glassware should also be considered. While macro lagers are often served in frosty mugs, craft beer should be served in room temperature glassware, which will warm up the beer an additional 2-6° F.  So whether your customers are looking for refreshing pumpkin wheat ale or flavorful pumpkin stouts, you'll be able to satisfy both customers with our ArcticPour technology.


The container you're pouring into will change what you need at the tap. A standard beer faucet like our 630SS made with food grade 304 stainless steel is a great option when pouring into glassware to serve immediately.

When filling growlers, the Perlick GT600 growler filler tube coupled with the 650SS Forward Sealing Faucet with flow control is a cost-efficient alternative to some of the more specialized and expensive options for growler-filling equipment. Less foam in the growler means shorter wait times at your filling station, and this leads to happier customers walking out quicker with better beer.


When you're serving special release beers and seasonal offerings like pumpkin beer, we realize it's even more important not to waste beer at the tap. Our 650SS flow control faucets allow the operator to control the flow of beer right at the faucet, which ensures a proper amount of foam with every pour. Less foam down the drain means more money in your pocket and more beer in your keg.

And when you're selecting faucets for your bar or brewery, it's important to make sure you have all the options to pinpoint the solution that's best for your situation.

Learn more about a range of beer faucet solutions by downloading the Perlick Guide to Forward Sealing faucets.

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