Unlike what some might say, building a beer system isn't as simple as asking a few questions. It's not as easy as 1-2-3. At the same time, it's not rocket science, either. So what makes a good beer system? It's components.

Each beer dispensing system is different. No matter where you live, how hot the weather, the distance the beer will travel, the types of beer being served - no two beer systems are alike. That being said, there are a set of components that, when used the right way, can help make a beer system better. At Perlick, we think they're requirements:

ArcticPOUR Advanced Refrigeration Technology

By separating the Refrigeration Deck from a Glycol Bath Flash Chiller, a deck can be stored in a well-ventilated area for more efficient operation and easier access. At the same time, the flash chiller can be stored inside a walk-in refrigerator to isolate it from unwanted heat loads. This means easier accessibility and energy conservation for operators.

Century Trunk Housing

Beer essentially journeys from the keg to the glass. During this journey, it can encounter a wide variety of roadblocks and conditions. It's during this period that beer is most vulnerable to temperature variations. With trunk housing that contains copper coolant lines and a Power Pak to re-circulate chilled glycol, though, beer can travel from the keg to the cup and maintain the perfect temperature during the entire journey. This is ideal for both customers and operators alike.

Pressure Source

There are many factors in determining the right pressure setting and pressure source. If your cooler and beer dispensers are near each other and are on the same level, carbon dioxide can be an ideal source. Longer runs can add nitrogen to the gas blend for greater pressure without over-carbonating the beer. Having the right source will makes sure customers get the beers they deserve.

Dispensing Towers

More than any other component of a beer system, a beer dispensing tower can have a direct impact on guest experiences. Designed with an artisan's touch and a focus on engineering, Perlick glycol-chilled beer towers keep beer at the proper temperature and enhance the aesthetic of any bar or restaurant.

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