Bars and brewpubs are facing more and more pressure to provide a wider range of beers on tap. This is directly related to the craft beer movement, which has created a growing consumer demand to try different styles of beer made by different breweries. This, in turn, has created some challenges for bars and restaurants.

One of the biggest obstacles faced by bar owners and operators is the logistics of serving these wide tap selections. With a traditional, glycol cooled system, beer must be transported from the kegs to a beer tower that is often at a distance from the walk-in where the keg is stored. This can be problematic.

An alternative is to use an air-cooled system that runs directly through the wall from the walk-in cooler to the taps on the other side of that wall. This requires less distance for the beer to travel, less tubing for the beer to travel within on its way to the faucet, and less need to run and conceal those lines within the operation. At the end of the day, the beer just travels directly from the cooler to the tap through just the width of the wall. Add in the savings of an air-cooled system versus glycol, and this is the most cost effective way to serve multiple beers directly to the tap.


perlick cooler tapping kitPerlick Cooler Tapping Kits contain all the components needed to install air-cooled, through-the-wall beverage dispensing. These kits include everything a bar operator needs to run beer from a walk-in directly to the tap.

It is the only complete kit to compile all the necessary components into a single product offering. It's available in 50 different stock options depending on the thickness of the wall and the number of taps desired. The system operates with a shank that runs through the wall. On one side of the wall is the faucet, and on the other is a line that runs directly to the regulator panel. This system has many advantages:

- It is simpler and easier to install.

- It's easier to maintain.

- It's a cost effective way to offer a wide selection of beers


One of the best features of the Perlick Cooler Tapping Kit is that it comes standard with Perlick's award-winning forward sealing faucets.

With a revolutionary ball and floating O-ring design, beer is dispensed without exposure to air. This translates to better tasting beer for customers and a variety of operating benefits for bar owners. Find out what they are by reading the free Guide to Forward Sealing Faucets.