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March 28, 2018

What’s more particular than a wine connoisseur? The wine itself.

From the slightest vibration to a minor change in humidity levels, the delicate balance of a fine wine can be easily disrupted if it isn’t stored in near perfect conditions. That’s where Perlick’s wine preservation systems come in.

An industry leader in beverage refrigeration for more than a century, Perlick has conducted years of research and testing to determine the ideal conditions in which to preserve every type of wine, enabling wine aficionados to rest assured their precious collections are safe and sound. And with Perlick’s new wine columns, homeowners can store up to 94 bottles in one gorgeous unit.

Until recently, Perlick solely offered undercounter wine preservation, but now the company has added commercial-grade residential wine preservation in 24-inch-wide, 84-inch-tall columns to its collection of residential appliances.

perlick kitchen mids sm

Perlick’s Single- and Dual-Zone Column Wine Reserves feature vibration-resistant, soft-coat glide out shelves and advanced humidity, air filtration and temperature control for unmatched performance. Additionally, they offer superior versatility with the flexibility to accommodate multiple types of wines at different temperatures and the option to display the most prized bottles on a convertible display shelf.

soft coated wire racks3

Soft-coated Wire Racks

Top publications have already taken notice of Perlick’s sophisticated wine columns. In late 2017, the company’s new column wine reserve was selected as a 2017 AD Great Design Award winner by Architectural Digest, among a limited number of new products recognized by the publication for truly best-in-class design.

Offered in both Single- and Dual-Zone models, Perlick’s sleek 24-inch Column Wine Reserves feature innovative technology to perfectly store, preserve and serve a wine collection, ensuring it is housed in an optimal environment. The wine units’ commercial-grade stainless steel interiors provide a beautiful canvas for a prized collection, while Perlick’s vibrant, custom LED lighting showcases each individual bottle in an impressive column display.

columns side by side

Single-Zone (left) and Dual-Zone (right)
Column Wine Reserves

Unique performance-based features of Perlick’s column wine reserves include:

  • Zone Flexibility
    Dual-zone reserves allow users to set either zone for serving reds or whites, use it as a single zone—setting both zones for the same type of wine, or put the entire reserve into cellar mode at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Triple-Pane Tinted glass
    Bronze-tinted, UV-resistant glass is LowE- and argon-filled, protecting from light exposure, which can cause oxidation in wine and degrade it over time.
  • Humidity Control
    Advanced technology monitors humidity levels in the reserve, and if necessary, pushes additional moisture into the compartment to maintain 60-70 percent humidity, which preserves corks and prevents oxidation.
  • Carbon Air Filtration
    Natural carbon filtration maintains optimal air quality by absorbing damaging odors. This, along with an integrated humidity system, ensures ideal conditions for proper maturation.
  • Soft-Coat Shelving
    Eliminates vibration that can disturb sediment and alter the flavor of wine.

angled shelf v2 sm

  • Bottle Capacity
    Single-zone wine reserves accommodate 94 bottles (750 ml) and dual-zone reserves store 86 bottles.

Highlights of the wine columns’ extraordinary aesthetics include:

  • Touch-Screen Control Panel
    Sleek, black design disappears into the backdrop until it’s awoken with a touch. Customize temperature preferences in one-degree increments and activate Sabbath mode with ease.
control panel

Touch-Screen Control Panel

  • Convertible Display Shelf
    Display six prized bottles of wine, with additional storage for four dessert bottles. Or lay the display shelf flat for long-term cellaring and increased storage capacity for 11 bottles.
  • Vibrant LED Theatre Lighting
    Strategically placed throughout the reserve, Perlick’s custom, vibrant lighting illuminates every bottle with adjustable white or industry-exclusive blue light.
led lighting

LED Theatre Lighting

  • Design Flexibility
    Perlick column wine reserves come ready to accept a custom panel and handle to match surrounding cabinetry.

Commercial quality, innovative technology and a beautiful aesthetic make Perlick’s new column wine reserves the preferred choice for discerning wine lovers. To learn more about Perlick’s new full-size appliance collection, including column wine reserves, visit

Column Refrigeration

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