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February 21, 2017

To celebrate our 100th anniversary, Perlick took to the showfloor at the 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando to find a cool and confident individual to serve as our company’s Ambassador of Cool for 2017. We had a wealth of talented, inspiring kitchen and bath professionals participate in our live auditions with Editor at Large at the show, and we’re proud to introduce the first of our five #SearchforCool finalists!


Company & Position: Owner of Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC., Licensed Interior Designer and Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer / Creator of, a blog about ALL things design.

Location: Vero Beach, Florida

Tell Us Why You Chose To Be A Designer:

I am a creative and I love the freedom it gives me to be able to bring my clients dreams to reality. Every new project is a new canvas with a whole new theme. I am not one of those designers that you would be able to look at one of my projects and recognize it as mine. I pride myself on each of my designs expressing my clients vision and not my own. I cannot be put in a box; I love wide open spaces so any job in an office would not fit me - I’d be terrible at it. My design blog is another creative outlet for me because I love interior design, but I am also a lover of the arts, fashion, and architecture, and my blog allows me to express all of my creative loves.

Tell Us About A Project Where You Incorporated Perlick:

Home design is about creating a place that meets the owner and the owner’s family’s needs. Perlick has a vast lineup of entertainment appliances to meet the varying needs of my homeowners. Whether you are into wines, craft beers, or just need a beverage center for entertaining, Perlick has something for everyone - I like that. I am currently working on a unique home remodeling project that I am designing an open kitchen concept in. The design will have two islands and the outer most island will serve as the beverage bar. Perlick allows me to customize the beverage bar to suit the needs of the homeowners and how they live in their space. I will also be creating a summer kitchen which will also have Perlick refrigeration designed into the space.

What’s Your Favorite Hobby/Thing To Do In Your Downtime?:

Spending time with family and friends, boating, yoga, paddle boarding and kayaking. I love stepping outside the box and trying new things every chance I get. I recently challenged myself to learn how to play a guitar; it was on my bucket list. It is the hardest thing I have ever done! I told myself I would have to accept being bad at something new and to not quit out of frustration. I have kept that promise and I carve out a little time each day to practice and I am literally playing full songs now. That’s not saying I have a willing audience because I don’t. My family supports whatever crazy thing I do and it is great to have a cheering squad on your side.

 Favorite Perlick Product?:

24” Signature Series Refrigerator with accessory Martini Rack… the height of luxury is to have a chilled martini glass!

Use One Word To Describe Perlick:


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