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June 26, 2018

These days, every appliance manufacturer is touting its superior preservation system. But do they really have the technology to back it up?

With more than a century of experience engineering innovative commercial refrigeration systems for the highly discerning restaurant and hospitality industry, Perlick has a proven track record of unparalleled performance in the undercounter refrigeration category. And with the introduction of its new collection of residential column refrigerators, the company has taken preservation to a whole new level.

EID Logo Silver 2018In fact, Perlick’s new column dual-zone wine reserve is so well-engineered that it recently won a Silver Excellence in Design Award from Appliance DESIGN magazine, which recognizes products that excel in unique design and breakthrough features. Some of the product features that make Perlick the leader in high-end refrigeration include:


Perlick 24-inch Column Refrigerator featuring Perlick QuatroCool™ preservation technology

  • Four Zones of Precision Cooling
    Only Perlick offers four independently controlled temperature zones. Each zone maintains temperature within one degree Fahrenheit of setpoint, with smart settings for deli, meat/fish, produce and beverages. Storing fresh ingredients at their ideal temperatures helps them last longer.
Perlick preservation 4zones 600x384

Four Cooling Zones

  • Real Humidity / Dual Chamber Air Filtration
    Perlick’s industry-exclusive tip-out produce bin, which enables leafy greens to be stored upright like a bouquet of flowers instead of laid on their side like in a traditional crisper drawer, provides proven food preservation technology that keeps greens fresher and crisper, longer. It also features advanced electronic monitoring of humidity levels, the intelligence to add real moisture back into the compartment, and filtration that removes gases emitted by some fruits and vegetables, helping to prevent premature wilt. The result? Lettuce stored in a Perlick lasted approximately 30% longer than when stored in competitor models.
Perlick preservation TipOut 600x384

Humidity-controlled Tip-out Produce Bin

Perlick 24-inch Single- and Dual-Zone Wine Columns

  • Humidity Control / Carbon Air Filtration
    Advanced technology monitors humidity levels in the reserve, and if necessary, pushes additional moisture into the compartment to maintain 60-70 percent humidity, which preserves corks and prevents oxidation. Natural carbon filtration maintains optimal air quality by absorbing damaging odors. This, along with an integrated humidity system, ensures ideal conditions for proper maturation.
  • Triple-Pane Tinted glass
    Bronze-tinted, UV-resistant glass is LowE- and argon-filled, protecting treasured bottles from light exposure, which can cause oxidation in wine and degrade it over time.
Perlick preservation TriplePane 600x384

Triple-pane Tinted Glass

Untitled 1

The Perlick Collection Refrigeration

  • Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel
    Every Perlick column and undercounter unit is constructed of commercial-grade stainless steel inside and out for maximum durability and restaurant-standard cleanliness.
  • PerlIQ™ Touch-Screen Control Panel
    Each appliance in the new column line features the intuitive PerlIQ™ touch-screen control panel with a sleek, black design that disappears into the backdrop until it’s awoken with a touch. In every unit, customize temperature preferences in one-degree increments and in the new columns activate Sabbath mode with the touch of a button.
Perlick preservation TouchScreen 600x384

PerlIQ™ Touch-Screen Control Panel

Perlick’s new residential column collection features the proven performance of its undercounter refrigeration units, offering the unrivalled commercial quality fine restaurants demand and the high style luxury homeowners deserve. Discover why delicious truly is in the details with Perlick:

Column Refrigeration

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