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February 19, 2018

Plastic is passé, yet many residential luxury appliance manufacturers are still using it in their high-end products. It’s time for genuine quality and performance.

After a century of success, and years of research and development, Perlick has expanded into the full-size appliance category with the introduction of its new collection of luxury kitchen products, including all-stainless steel 24-inch column refrigerators and freezers. The new units offer the commercial-grade performance high-end restaurants demand and the high style luxury homeowners desire.

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The Perlick Collection Column Refrigerator and Freezer

Perlick has perfected a proprietary refrigeration system that offers industry-exclusive features like proven precision cooling and humidity control in a sleek, 84-inch-tall, stainless steel design. No gimmicks or empty promises—these units were designed for peak performance.


Perlick 24-inch Column Refrigerator

Perlick offers the only refrigerator with an all stainless-steel-and-glass interior, real humidity control for produce and four separate zones of cooling, keeping food safer and fresher, for longer. But the beauty isn’t all inside; it’s also wrapped in a stylish design. Some of its most mouth-watering features include:

  • Four Zones of Precision Cooling
    Only Perlick offers four independently controlled temperature zones. Each zone maintains temperature within one degree Fahrenheit of setpoint, with smart settings for deli, meat/fish, produce and beverages. Storing fresh ingredients at their ideal temperatures helps them last longer.
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    Perlick Refrigerator Column (left) and Perlick Tip Out Produce Bin (right)

  • Real Humidity / Dual Chamber Air Filtration
    Tip-out produce bin provides proven food preservation technology that keeps greens fresher and crisper, longer. Features advanced electronic monitoring of humidity levels, the intelligence to add real moisture back into the compartment, and filtration that removes gases emitted by some fruits and vegetables, helping to prevent premature wilt.
  • Commercial-Grade Design & Construction
    Stainless steel and glass interior results in a non-porous, easy-to-clean and elegant-looking appliance, while vibrant LED theatre lighting brings out the rich colors of foods.
  • Two-Tiered Deli Drawer
    Inspired by the tantalizing displays of high-end delicatessens, the two-tiered deli drawer provides twice the storage of many competitors.

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    Two Tier Deli Drawer (left) and Marinating/Prep Pan (right)

  • Built-In, Marinating and Prep Pan
    Commercial-grade, slide-in, stainless-steel marinating pan maintains proper temperature for food safety and offers a convenient storage solution.

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    Touch-screen Control Panel

  • Touch-Screen Control Panel
    Sleek, black design disappears into the backdrop until it’s awoken with a touch. Customize temperature preferences in one-degree increments and activate Sabbath mode with the touch of a button. Provides access to smart temperature settings for deli items, meat/fish and fresh produce, maintaining optimal storage conditions for specific ingredients.


Perlick 24-inch Column Freezer

Built as the perfect companion to the 24-inch Column Refrigerator, Perlick’s 24-inch Column Freezer provides unmatched ultra-low temperature preservation for frozen goods. With a commercial-grade, stainless-steel interior, full-extension open drawer bins and vibrant LED lighting, Perlick’s new freezer is the ultimate pairing of form with function. Some of its most impressive features include:

  • Black Stainless Steel & LED Lighting
    Slate-black and brushed-stainless-steel interiors create a dramatic backdrop. That, combined with vivid, LED theatre lighting, displays food and beverages in stunning fashion.
    Untitled 5

    Perlick Freezer Column (left) and Open Freezer Drawers (right)

  • Full-Extension Open Drawer Bins
    Open drawer bins provide quick access to frozen goods. An open-concept design makes it easy to see stored products at a glance.
  • Touch-Screen Control Panel
    Sleek, black design disappears into the backdrop until it’s awoken with a touch. Customize temperature preferences in one-degree increments and activate Sabbath mode with ease.

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    Perlick Touch-screen Control Panel

  • Perlick Performance
    Offers the quiet, powerful, frost-free cooling that has made Perlick the choice of fine venues for more than 100 years.


Industry-exclusive features, commercial quality and a stunning aesthetic make Perlick’s new column refrigerator and column freezer the preferred choice in residential refrigeration. To learn more about Perlick’s new full-size appliance collection, including the column refrigerator and freezer, visit

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