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March 4, 2019

Perlick at KBIS 2019

Featuring the industry’s most comprehensive collection of commercial-grade, luxury refrigeration, Perlick’s booth at the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas showed the latest trends in home refrigeration. 3,000 square feet of best-in-class luxury home refrigeration was on display, showcasing Perlick’s expertise in all things cool to design pros dedicated to creating unique homes and spaces for their clients and their lifestyles.

 Perlick Collection Column Refrigeration


Consumers are exploring new varietals from lesser-known regions of the globe, expanding their collections to reflect their world travels, sommelier recommendations and celebrations. Because of this, proper wine preservation has never been more important. And for that, you need a Perlick.

Perlick’s commercial-grade quality ensures that every bottle is stored with precision regardless of ambient conditions. We understand that wine can be valued investments, which is why we designed our wine reserves to protect bottles from any kind of damage. Triple-paned, bronzed glass protects wine from UV-ray damage, soft-coated vinyl shelving eliminates vibration, and smart humidity control keeps corks from drying out and allowing oxygen in the bottle.

Every Perlick wine reserve electronically monitors humidity levels and boasts the intelligence to maintain 65-70% humidity at all times. Precise zone control ensures that the reserve maintains temperature within 1°F of the set point. Perlick wine reserves add style and class to any room with stunning white or blue LED lighting and sleek stainless steel interiors.

The commercial-grade quality that restaurants and wine bars we serve demand is the same quality that we offer for fine homes. With Perlick’s residential column and undercounter wine reserves, you and your clients can enjoy the performance and aesthetic appeal of a five-star restaurant in any room of the home.


Perlick Iced Coffee Dispensing Kit

Trend #2: Design with Point-Of-Use Refrigeration in Mind

Personalized home designs are more popular than ever, with every design project being a unique expression of a homeowner’s charm. Because of this, appliances that offer flexibility in function and design is one of the most important aspects of home and space planning today. Perlick understands this, and that’s why we provide refrigeration models that can fit anywhere in the home to fit any need.

For the morning smoothie connoisseurs, Perlick has a 24" freezer/refrigerator drawer unit for fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and milk, and a 15” ice maker, keeping all of the necessary ingredients within arm’s reach. Add an industry-exclusive 15” drawer unit in a master suite to provide storage for organic cosmetics, fresh face masks, luxe skincare and bottled water. For the entertainers, Perlick provides a stylish 24” Signature Series Adara Beer Dispenser and 24” Signature Series Dual-Zone Indoor Refrigerator/Wine Reserve to keep all of your favorite beverages in one convenient location.

Coffee drinkers rejoiced when we debuted our coffee dispensing kit at this year’s trade show. Our award-winning beer dispensers can be easily converted to a coffee dispensing unit. With 304SS stainless steel Perlick faucets and commercial-grade components, only a Perlick is built to handle acidic beverages like coffee.

To facilitate flexible design, Perlick offers the industry’s widest selection of undercounter refrigeration to meet any design needs. Industry-exclusive 18” depth Sottile units allow designers to fit undercounter refrigerators, beverage centers and wine reserves where traditional 24” depth units cannot.  This series also measures 32” tall for ADA compliance, making it an ideal option for light commercial applications as well.


Perlick Collection 30" Column Refrigerator

Trend #3: High-Performance Kitchens Inspired by Real Professionals

Luxury consumers are gravitating toward quality in 2019.  Gone are the days of specifying only single-branded kitchens. Customers are savvy, extensively researching products to identify best-of-breed and what appliances fit their specific needs and wants.


Perlick is an industry leader in this field. We have been making premium-quality refrigeration for over 100 years, and now we’re bringing our unmatched expertise to expanding out line of column refrigeration.  Our Perlick Collection 30” Column Refrigerator made its debut this year, offering best-in-class performance and Perlick’s innovative, industry-exclusive QuatroCool™ advanced preservation system. Perlick Collection column refrigeration provides designers much-needed design flexibility without sacrificing authentic pro-grade construction and quality.

Think of the fresh food layout in a supermarket: some produce is chilled with periodic water sprays to maintain moisture content, some produce is out in the open, the fish is on ice, and the cheeses are in an enclosed refrigerated cooler.

That’s the idea behind the QuatroCool™ advanced preservation system. Perlick Collection Column Refrigerators are the first and only home refrigerators with four independently-controlled temperature zones. Precise temperature control ensures that each food is kept at its ideal temperature, while carbon and ethylene filters clear the air of odors and gases that can quickly ripen food. In addition, the innovative tip-out produce bin features a revolutionary intuitive humidity system. Unlike traditional crisper drawers that rely on the moisture content of the produce to keep wilt-prone produce fresh, Perlick electronically monitors the humidity level in the compartment. As produce ages and loses its water content, the system will automatically introduce moisture back into the airstream to keep humidity consistent. The result? Produce lasts up to 30% longer than when stored in a traditional crisper drawer.

Perlick Outdoor Refrigeration

Trend #4: Blurring the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor Living

The popularity of indoor/outdoor spaces will continue to grow in 2019. During the summer months, an outdoor living space can open up to let the fresh air and sunlight in. During the cooler months, it can be enclosed to be a winter sunroom. These temperature variances can be troublesome for appliances, but Perlick outdoor units are designed for peak performance regardless of what the forecast calls for.

For this, Perlick offers the industry’s widest selection of UL-rated outdoor refrigeration units, all of which are tested up to 110°F. Stainless steel construction, RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration, and 2” foamed-in-place walls provide offer commercial-grade quality and reliability in hot weather. Perlick outperforms competitors on both temperature consistency and temperature pulldown (how quickly products are cooled to your desired temperature), meaning that you can rely on Perlick to cool your stored items quickly and accurately.

Perlick's What's Trending

Download “What’s Trending”, Perlick’s official KBIS refrigeration trends guide on our website to learn more. Ready to experience Perlick for yourself? Visit our dealer locator to find a showroom near you or fill out the contact form and the Perlick distributor in your area will reach out to you.



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