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July 11, 2018

perlick cubelet mids sm

It’s no longer just for top restaurants and high-end caterers—Perlick is bringing one of the most popular beverage trends to the luxury home kitchen with its brand new 15” Cubelet Ice Maker. The unit produces the increasingly popular small, nugget-shaped pieces of ice, perfect for crunching on and the ideal consistency to both keep your drink cold and absorb the complex flavors of your favorite beverage. The perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor entertaining space, the new machine produces chewable ice your guests will rave about.  

Not only is cubelet ice great for drinks, but it is also the ideal consistency for serving specialty foods such as oysters and seafood—a must for parties and gatherings. With 80 pounds of ice production per day and a storage capacity of 22 pounds, the ice will last throughout the day and into the night.

Constructed from the commercial-quality stainless steel for which Perlick is known, the new ice makers are UL-rated for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in 15” Signature Series and 15” ADA-Compliant Series models, each unit comes with a full two-year warranty.

While the company has expanded its ice maker portfolio with the new cubelet model, Perlick still also offers its popular Clear Ice Makers, which produce up to 55 pounds of distinctive top hat-shaped ice cubes each day. The units are also UL-rated for both indoor and outdoor use and available in 15” Signature Series and 15” ADA-Compliant Series models.

Advanced technology ensures each cube is free of impurities, emphasizing the drink’s flavor. The unique top hat shape of the ice cube creates a flawless look and taste and prevents the ice from clumping, ensuring a drink that’s easy to prepare and pleasing to the eye. Additionally, Perlick’s residential clear ice cube makers are designed to produce ice that melts slower than other ice cubes, enabling you to enjoy your drink without it quickly getting watered down.

Learn more about Perlick’s ice makers or determine which model is right for your project.


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